ar one after another in the near future.

“Whether you accept it or not, myth is blending with reality. Even if someone kills me this time, other extraordinary beings will appear, and this trend cannot be changed.”
“What we need to do now is not to block, but to clear up, formulate extraordinary rules, and maintain the peace we deserve. The extraordinary ones who appear first are not destroyers of the law, let alone challengers, but the ballast of future stability. All parties negotiate Afterwards, the existing transcendent beings will do their part to protect the stability and tranquility of the new star.”
“In ancient times, humans and gods coexisted peacefully and peacefully. Now that technology is brilliant and can quickly kill earthly immortals, extraordinary beings and ordinary people can naturally coexist very well.”
/Lao Chen talked a lot and asked Qian An to convey his words to major organizations and forces.
And on the same day, he suddenly appeared in Pingyuan City, hundreds of miles away, which is the seat of the super tycoon Qin family. This move made the parties involved frightened.
Qian An was shocked and contacted him to persuade him: “Old Chen, hold on tight. It’s not yet sure whether the Qin family wants to strangle you. If at this juncture you really attack some of their people, something big will happen.” , all parties cannot sit still. Hunting down the core members of the top chaebols will cause a major earthquake, which will worry all the big forces, forcing them to stand on your opposite side and join forces to kill the extraordinary!”
When Lao Chen left Ping Yuancheng that day, it was just a gesture and no other extraordinary actions.
But when he arrived at Ping Yuancheng this time, many people were moved!
The next day, Qian An reminded Lao Chen, “Yesterday, a warship appeared over the Qin family.”
Two days later, Lao Chen was approaching Su City and was suddenly ambushed on the road!
“Xiao Wang, something happened to Lao Chen! You have to calm down, don’t panic, don’t act recklessly, you can extend your life for the chaebol, they won’t strangle you,” Qian An’s urgent words came over the phone.
Lao Chen had an accident and blood splattered on the way! Wang Xuan’s eyes suddenly turned cold and profound. How could he not take action!
“You are really forcing me to become stronger step by step!” Wang Xuan stood in Su City, looking at the clouds on the horizon, murderous intent rising!
He didn’t know what happened to Lao Chen and whether he could survive. If bad news comes, no matter who takes action, he will kill them and uproot them!
Qian An contacted Lao Chen closely, and there was a quick and short video. Lao Chen was covered in blood and seriously injured, and he was on the run.
This is unacceptable to Wang Xuan!
Is Lao Chen being hunted?
/“Don’t worry, I’m trying to find out what’s going on!” Qian An said, informing him of some of the newly obtained information.
Lao Chen was very cautious and did not take any flying vehicles, but when he was less than 300 miles away from Sioux