ing cards with a group of old men and old ladies, arguing over every dollar. The mood during the block.

If her fiancé was really like this, Qin Yanan would rather become a monk.
Only eighteen years old! My own cousin!
Although this little cousin was a distant relative, judging from my great-grandfather’s mood, there was no doubt that he valued this little cousin very much.
After my great-grandmother died, according to the conventions and organizational arrangements at the time, a female orderly received the task of taking care of the chief. It was ten years later that my great-grandfather married again.
But everyone knows that the great-grandfather never forgets his great-grandmother. There is always a photo of him and his great-grandmother on his desk, whether in the capital, his hometown or a nursing home.
/Wait, there are three people in that photo, not just great-grandfather and great-grandmother.
Photos from that era always reveal a sense of elegance that has accumulated over time. The black and white tones cannot conceal their high spirits. The great-grandfather is heroic and the great-grandmother is elegant and gentle. She is sitting in the middle, her palms slightly raised, her wrists white. Bai, her slender fingers gently held the fingers of the man on the right, and the nostalgia and dependence between her brows overflowed the picture.
This man was closer to his great-grandmother than to his great-grandfather in the photo. Great-grandfather once said that he was great-grandmother’s brother, but no more information about him was known, and great-grandfather was unwilling to reveal it.
In that era, there were countless people who were supposed to be unparalleled in their splendor, but with the willingness to “sacrifice so much and dare to make the sun and the moon change the sky”, they came forward one after another and willingly became the cornerstones of the revolution, even if they were unknown. People learn that even if they leave no names or traces, they must build up the future of a new country and nation.
That man is probably one of them.
Qin Yanan’s speculation was justified. His great-grandfather believed that “only those who revolutionize with me are friends.” Not to mention those who betray the country and seek glory, even those who are sensible and protective of themselves were looked down upon by him. When he was studying, , some people retreated to the southwest, but my great-grandfather and great-grandmother were the ones who abandoned their pens and picked up their guns.
The reason why my great-grandfather specifically left a group photo of the three of them was definitely not just because that man was a close relative of my great-grandmother.
Now that the Qin family is high up in the temple and Liu Changan is in such a state of decline, my great-grandfather must have felt very ashamed of his comrades who sacrificed their lives fighting side by side in the past. It is understandable that Qin Yanan should make a special trip to take care of Liu Changan. Qin Yanan should be asked t