mpartment, a water dispenser, and a handle inside the refrigerator.”

“Baby is broken.”
/Liu Changan was telling her about the composition of a modern refrigerator. Shangguan Dandan, who had been silent since he put his mobile phone on the coffin, finally said four more words.
Liu Changan was stunned for a moment. Is his phone broken? Fortunately, the mobile phone I just bought is still under warranty and you can exchange it for another one. However, if you buy a fake one, the profiteers will definitely not recognize it and you will need to fight wits and courage.
/Liu Changan picked up the phone and pressed the power button casually. It showed that the battery was low. It was broken. It just ran out of power.
Wait, this phone is fully charged by itself. If it had been on standby, it wouldn’t have run out of power now.
Liu Changan thought of this and glanced at the coffin doubtfully.
“Have you been using this phone?”
Shangguan Dandan said nothing.
Liu Changan pursed his lips, feeling a little frustrated. Could it be that he was really wasting his time? He had lectured all night, but she had been playing with her phone?
Liu Changan somewhat understood how the teacher felt when he saw his classmates playing with mobile phones in high school. Liu Changan took the mobile phone and charged it with the anger of a teacher. After restarting the phone, he casually clicked on the starting point to read. APP, I saw the reading record of “Shading the Sky”.
She read novels all night.
I kept seeing no power.
He was giving a lecture, but she probably didn’t listen at all.
Liu Changan came to the carriage and looked at the coffin calmly, “Why are you playing with your baby?”
Shangguan Dandan said nothing. Liu Changan asked three times in a row, but got no response.
“You tell me how you use your phone and how you read novels, and I will help you fix the baby.” Liu Changan continued to reason with her, “Look, you originally said that I made that promise to you, and I didn’t say anything about it. I told you I would give it to you, and now you broke it and asked me to fix it, but you still have this attitude, isn’t it appropriate?”
“I’ll tell you when you fix it baby.”
Liu Changan felt happy, the little girl was so easy to fool.
Liu Changan went back and took the phone over.
Mobile phones with fast charging technology charge very quickly. Liu Changan turned on the mobile phone and walked into the coffin instead of placing the mobile phone on the coffin as before.
He didn’t believe that Shangguan Dandan could still play with his phone while he was holding it.
Using known natural principles, Liu Changan could not explain how Shangguan Dandan did it. However, there were too many things that could not be explained by known scientific knowledge. He himself was such an example.
It’s unexplainable and there’s nothing surprising about it.
Liu Changan shook his phone and said, “Okay, can you tell me now? After telling me, I will return the phone to you.”
Shangguan Dandan said nothing again.
“Do you regret it?” Liu Chang