lights of two second-level weapons.

Originally, this second-level weapon could make ten soldiers go crazy for it, but now not a single soldier is tempted by it and feels greedy.
Because standing among these corpses was a soldier wearing a giant land lion exoskeleton armor and holding a second-level spear.
The six corpses on the ground were all recognized by the ten soldiers. They were the elite group of soldiers of the Freedom Blade Mercenary Group. Their powerful combat power suppressed this area within the sphere of influence of the Freedom Blade Mercenary Group.
But at this time, this powerful group of elite soldiers all fell in a pool of blood, with no trace of life left.
The rest of the soldiers, even the four soldiers of the Freedom Blade Mercenary Group, also hid their weapons to show their sincerity.
“Get out of here or fight!” David said in a deep voice.
He has now used up his ‘Spiritual Puncture’. Although he can still use ‘Spiritual Slumber’ once, after using it this time, his spirit is likely to be weak. Facing so many soldiers, it will be very dangerous if he is not mentally strong. of.
So he uses corpses on the ground to increase his momentum, and his master-level spear mastery makes this momentum even more powerful.
“Sir, I’m leaving right now!” Soldier Atherton turned around and left without thinking.
It is extremely uneconomical to risk one’s life for a small gain.
The rest of the soldiers also understood this truth. Even the elite group of soldiers was completely wiped out. They were undoubtedly seeking death when they went up.
Besides, the mission they received was to stop David. Now that David had killed all the elite soldiers who were the main attacker, why should they still be allowed to attack?
David watched the ten soldiers disappear and leave at an extremely fast speed, and he breathed a sigh of relief.
Only then did he have time to clean up the battlefield. He piled all the corpses of the soldiers together, a total of nine corpses wearing exoskeleton armor, as well as seven first-grade weapons and two second-grade weapons.
David pulled out an alloy rope from an exoskeleton armor. It was originally prepared for rappelling, but now he used it to tie up the body.
In his eyes, the value of these nine corpses is not small. Although the exoskeleton armor is somewhat damaged, it is enough to sell for a good price.
The same goes for the seven first-grade weapons, and the two second-grade weapons became his collection.
/Because of his interests, David was not afraid of trouble. He tied the corpse and the first-grade weapon together, and carried the second-grade large shield and the second-grade heavy ax behind his back, and then opened the communication channel.
“Furness, where have you been?” David asked aloud.
“Hoo ho!” David heard Furness’ gasp, and then heard Furness’s voice: “I’ll be there in five minutes at most. How are you doing over there?”
“Furness, don’t worry, I’ve already solved the problem. I’ll wait for you right where you are!” David said hurriedly, knowing that Fu