by him.

Considering Liu Xian’s important position in the Xiang Liu clan, it is not an exaggeration to say that half of them were captured.
Lu Bei waved his hand to disperse the starry sky and touched his chin. He knew that he would probably earn a lot of money during this trip to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters.
The question is, who should I sell the captives of the Xiangliu clan to? Xiangliu, the Nine-tailed Fox, or the current Demon Emperor
Do you want to consider the Great Xia Holy Land? Emperor Ji is not short of money.
The demonic clouds in the sky dispersed, and only Lu Bei stood in the sky, trapped in the troubles of happiness. The more he thought about it, the happier he became, and he raised his hands and let out a hearty laugh.
In the distant city, cheers could be heard endlessly.
The strong ones are respected in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom, because the first generation of the Demon Emperor who suppressed his whole life has a very extreme style of painting. It doesn’t matter if you have bad morals, and it doesn’t matter if you are evil-hearted or ruthless. As long as you are strong enough, someone will naturally stand up to cover up your shortcomings and remove the evil ones. To put it bluntly.
Was the first generation Demon King lustful?
/No, beauty is only for the strong.
Will the first generation demon emperor govern the country?
It was necessary. Under his meticulous care, the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom was invincible, and no one in the world dared to sell demon slaves. The strong sense of oppression made all human nations put aside their conflicts and reestablish the Holy Land to recover the bloodline of the Great Xia Princess.
Similarly, when the Honghu clan saw the power of the Peacock Demon King, most of them defected and discussed changing their clan leader. Yanxiu is a piece of trash and should have abdicated to Kong Ji long ago.
Hearing the chirping below, most of the monsters expressed their dissatisfaction with Yanxiu. Lu Bei was very heartbroken. Why didn’t the other group express their dissatisfaction?
The other half remained silent, evaluating Yan Xiu’s life and thinking that he was a good clan leader, so the change of clan leaders should be gentler, to save some face for Yan Xiu, rather than just drive the bird away.
With Yanxiu’s appearance, being an elder is just fine.
Lu Bei was not in a hurry to enter the city, but looked intently to the west. A cold snort penetrated the void, shaking the turbulence and detonating a loud roar.
“You two came from afar, why didn’t you say a word and just wanted to leave?”
“There is no one in the Xiangliu clan who can fight. I am still in high spirits. I hope that the demon king of the Gu Diao clan will not disappoint me!”
The world of cultivating immortals is divided into watersheds step by step. There are five watersheds in the period of transcending tribulations, and five heavenly tribulations. Each time a cultivator passes through one, his strength will increase by leaps and bounds.
But that’s not the most exaggerated th