What a sin.”

What a sin.”
“Tsk, tsk, yes, it’s very artistic.” Wang Ning said suddenly. Zeng Fei and Bai Lu immediately jumped a step away from this perverted guy.
As for the beggars, they seemed to be half accustomed to them. He just stepped on the blood, broken flesh, and broken bones on the ground, and walked away talking and laughing.
The deceased’s skull, which was connected to the spine, was kicked around by them and rolled to another place.
“Hey! You guys, clean these dirty things quickly!”
“Okay, Teacher Cha.”
Seeing Teacher Zha shouting there, Yin Kuang and the others walked over and said goodbye to him symbolically. But before they had taken a few steps, they saw a scruffy and thin figure rushing over, shouting and pushing away those who stepped on the dead body’s broken limbs. “It’s you crazy woman again! You’re sick!” Those people ran away one after another, unwilling to argue with Zhang Jie, and cursed.
Then, Zhang Jie took out a torn sack, took out Xiao Sheng’s internal organs, bones, minced meat, and the human skin hanging on the telephone pole, put them into the torn sack one by one, and then picked up the torn sack. Just walk towards a trail on the left.
At this moment, Li Shuangmu touched Yin Kuang, and then said through lip language: “That teacher Cha just said to the bald man, ‘Tang An is next.'”
Yin Kuang frowned, “What do you mean?”
Li Shuangmu shook his head. Shake his head.
Yin Kuang nodded silently.
Then, they said goodbye to Teacher Zha. After saying hello and pretending to say a few words, Yin Kuang and others left the police station.
At this time, the world was still filled with thick gray fog, as if endless ashes were falling from the sky.
The figures of those who went out were gradually obscured by the thick fog. Without their laughter, the world became completely silent.
Walking on the bumpy cement road, Zeng Fei suddenly said: “This Teacher Cha is evil!”
“He’s not a good person anyway, but he has nothing to do with me, so who cares.” Bai Lu said.
“Is it really irrelevant?” Zeng Fei said: “Silent Hill will never appear meaningless scenes and objects. If we use our imagination, everything we see has symbolic meaning. This Teacher Cha must have some kind of relationship with us. Related.” Zeng Fei touched his forehead. He could never forget the drop of blood that hit his head before. “What’s more, this Teacher Cha is really a ‘scumbag teacher’.” ”
/Yo? Xiao Feifei, you too The reasoning started. Then tell me, what have you discovered?” Bai Lu couldn’t help but tease.
“In the previous dream, Mr. Cha was hanged, and the 110-degree dihedral angle, don’t you think, all the clues point to that police station?” Zeng Fei listened and said.
Yin Kuang nodded, “Well, that’s true!”
Suddenly, Yin Kuang said again: “Do you want to see what that woman named Zhang Jie is doing?”
/“That ugly woman?” Bai Lu was obviously not interested at all. No.
Lu Xia coolly said: “I think so!”
Zeng Fei and Wang Ning had no objection either.
In this way, the six people walked into the