soon!” Yin Kuang shouted.

soon!” Yin Kuang shouted.
As soon as Yin Kuang finished speaking, the “dong dong” footsteps disappeared, and then a biting cold current invaded the backs of the four Yin Kuang people along the corridor.
Zeng Fei spat on the ground angrily, threw the assault rifle with a heated barrel on the ground, then took out his sniper rifle and fired a “flame bomb”. With a “boom”, Big Iron Head’s body was engulfed in the flames of the explosion. Zeng Fei shot another “Ice Bullet” without stopping. One hot and one cold, two heavens of fire and ice, it should be enough for a big iron head to bear. However, when the “dong dong” sound appeared again, Zeng Fei’s face darkened. When I touched it with my hand, I found that the enchanted bullet had been empty! “Damn, it’s just at this time.”
/At this time, Leng Huaping suddenly threw a silver metal ball to Zeng Fei and said, “This is an ‘aluminum melting bomb’.” Zeng Fei’s eyes lit up and he thought, “This is What a good thing! She is really generous.” She said “thank you”, grabbed it, pressed the button on it, and threw it away. With a “boom”, orange-red flames filled the corridor, followed by a series of sounds, as if the corridor had been blown apart. The explosive impact of the “aluminum melting bomb” is actually not very strong, but it can generate extremely high temperatures after the explosion, and even rocks can melt. Most people will be done with “eating” this “big pineapple”. Of course, the price of this kind of thing is not low either. If Zeng Fei knew that this was given by a certain metal lump to please the beauty, I’m afraid Zeng Fei would not feel cold and generous.
“I don’t believe you are an iron man.” Before Zeng Fei could finish his thoughts, there was a “bang”, the ground cracked, and a majestic black figure jumped up from downstairs and landed on the floor. It turned out to be a whip-carrying iron head. ! ? At this time, Zeng Fei’s face turned pale and he even forgot to move.
/However, Yin Kuang’s words made Zeng Fei feel like the sound of nature, “Zeng Fei, hurry up, we’re here!”
Zeng Fei immediately turned around and rushed forward.
“Be careful!!” Yin Kuang suddenly shouted.
Zeng Fei immediately felt an itching and numbness on his back, and then Yin Kuang saw a bloody whip suddenly sweep across Zeng Fei’s body, but it seemed to be swept into the void. Although it passed through Zeng Fei’s body, it did not hurt Zeng Fei. Flying cents. Then, Zeng Fei rushed forward and bumped into Yin Kuang.
Yin Kuang immediately hugged Zeng Fei and kicked off, rushing into Classroom 911.
However, the moment Yin Kuang rushed into the classroom, he did not notice that a drop of bright red blood suddenly fell from the top, with a “tick” sound, and coincidentally It happened to fall on Zeng Fei’s forehead. At this moment, Zeng Fei, who was being dragged by Yin Kuang, felt as if he had been hit by a boulder.
The next moment, when a “bang” sound was heard, the whole world fell silent. Even the air he breathed was much clearer compared to the rancid smell outside. It’s