ay and it’s daytime!

ay and it’s daytime!
Chandler and Oden with a jump ball.
As the fans cheered, Oden dialed the ball back to the Warriors half!
The away team attacks first!
As soon as he came up, the ball was in Sun Hao’s hands.
In the Western Conference Finals against the Clippers, Nelson not only discovered that Ibaka’s presence gave the Warriors the possibility of playing small ball, but another big discovery was Sun Hao’s durability.
Originally, he always felt that letting Sun Hao play the “James system” style of play would consume too much physical energy for Sun Hao.
After all, in terms of physical fitness, James is also unique in the history of the NBA.
But the Western Conference Finals changed his view.
Sun Hao lasted much longer than he thought!
Moreover, Durant’s current style of play is still off the ball, which makes Sun Hao’s system run smoothly.
So in the finals, Sun Hao’s ball holding rate will begin to increase.
And the person who initiated the pick-and-roll was directly Durant.
The first step was Sun Du’s pick-and-roll move, and Nelson had no reservations.
And this choice is also expected. Compared with the Clippers, the Bulls’ forward individual defensive ability is one step weaker.
However, Durant failed to succeed in two consecutive pick-and-rolls
. Paul, he was as slippery as a loach, sliding past Durant every time.
This pick-and-roll ability is even better than that of Sun Hao.
Sun Hao watched for a while and then motioned for Durant to pull away.
It seems that Paul’s injury has almost healed after the past few days of recuperation.
He then waved to Auden to come out.
Compared with Durant, Oden’s body is there, and the pick-and-roll is much more solid.
The Bulls’ defense reacted quickly, and the entire defensive formation quickly moved in, and Yi Jianlian retreated to the basket as early as Chandler went out.
A big pocket formation immediately appeared in front of Sun Hao’s eyes.
/Although the Bulls’ individual defensive ability is worse than that of the Clippers, their overall defensive ability is not much worse.
Otherwise, they would not be able to win against the Celtics, whose defensive level is among the top three in the league.
However, the moment Sun Hao got into the pocket, he had already used his ability to find opportunities to distribute the ball to Durant’s hands on the outside!
If the Western Conference Finals can be compared to a testing ground for Sun Hao’s “James System” style of play, then the Finals will be a showcase after the training is completed!
Durant was also prepared, and after catching the ball, he opened his hand and shot.
After all, the Bulls’ individual defensive ability is still a bit poor, and Durant was hardly disturbed by this ball.
As a result, the basketball was like a sharp arrow, directly piercing the Bulls’ net.
0 to 3!
Durant helps the Warriors come out on top!
During the retreat, Durant also found Sun Hao and gave him a high-five. Both of them had an indescribable calmness on their expressions.