ed shaking.

Let’s talk about Lu Bei’s side, with a giant python in his mouth, ignoring the defense of thick scales, cutting the muscles and flesh, and the snake’s blood gurgling into his throat.
For a moment, the supreme delicacy impacted his blood, awakening the golden-winged roc’s bottomless desire to eat.
The golden divine eyes suddenly shrank, the terrifying momentum surged, the feathers overflowed with golden light, and shined in place like a small sun.
This snake
It must be chewy!
No one can, let alone try!
Lu Bei resisted the desire to eat, spit out the python in the bird’s beak, raised his sharp claws, and pressed it under his claws with a snap.
As it suddenly exerted force, the giant python transformed and shrank, and the white tiger took in less air and released more air, transforming back into a half-human and half-demon appearance.
Lu Bei put away his hundred-foot-long monster body and raised his feet to step on the mountain. His eagle eyes were like those of a wolf and a tiger, scanning the trembling body, and he swallowed with a grunt.
This time, I am not greedy, I am really greedy.
Huishan turned pale with fright. He never expected that after Heiyu broke through the bloodline bottleneck, he would be like her natural enemy.
Seeing Lu Bei wiping his saliva several times in a row, rubbing his hands and getting ready to move, he couldn’t bear it anymore and hurriedly begged for mercy: “King Heiyu, my little sister was blind and accidentally bumped into the master. If you spare my life, I will marry you in the next life.” Ring, dog and horse reciprocate.”
If you can beat me, then I am the king, if you can’t beat me, then I am my concubine or my little sister. This is how cultivating immortals works.
“This is wrong. If you don’t die, how can you have an afterlife?”
Lu Beiyin spoke quietly, raising his eyebrows and looking at Mo Xuan, who was as steady as an old dog: “King Mo Xuan, I am not strong enough to bear this responsibility.”
Halfway through his words, he stopped.
It’s empty, there’s no moxuan there.
“The bastard in the sea is so fast, no wonder he can live so long!”
Lu Bei curled his lips and looked intently in the direction of Tongxin Island. He had gained a reputation today and could have a place in the Demon Slayer Conference.
That demon
“Lu Dong, this sect leader is here to find you!” Lu Bei felt overwhelmed with the heavy responsibility of exterminating demons and defending the Tao, and felt that the red scarf on his chest became more vivid.
Thousands of words come into my mouth:
The vast sea, surrounded by two islands, looks like a yin and yang fish swimming in the distance.
The afterglow of the setting sun splashes golden light, the water and sky merge into one, the waves roll, and the Yin and Yang Pisces actually start to rotate.
Concentric Island.
/In the Xianfu Continent plus the sea area of ????ten thousand miles, there are five major forces with names, namely Zhengqi Dao, Qijue Temple, Shuiyun Miaoyimen, Yin Yang Dao, and Dragon Palace.