priests and priests.

Archbishop McKinley was already thinking about how to suppress this matter, but after thinking of Lord Arthur, Speaker Gould, two legendary lords, and twelve legendary knights, he understood that this matter would not be possible. Pressed down.
“Lord Arthur, you win!” Speaker Gould looked at David blankly, and he still felt that it was as unreal as a dream.
“Victory!” David responded with a smile.
His spirit let go and wrapped the temporary war temple.
Only then did David discover that although the Temporary War Temple did not have an energy core, the materials used in the Temporary War Temple had special effects, making it impossible for him to fully perceive every corner of the Temporary War Temple.
As long as the temporary war temple has a sealed room, his mental perception can be blocked.
David used his spirit to forcefully open all the doors of the Temporary War Temple. He wanted to see if there were any other hiding methods left in the Temporary War Temple.
Soon he discovered the scanning array driven by the power of faith. With the knowledge of the ‘Alchemy Master’, he reversely tracked the signal transmitted by the scanning array.
/The direction of the signal from this scanning array is the space of Haida Star. David knows that this is sending a message to the “Starry Sky Ship”, the war temple in space.
“Speaker Gould, I’m going to deal with the trouble. I’ll be back soon!” David put the temporary war temple into the ‘artifact space card’ with a wave of his hand, and then said.
If it weren’t for this opportunity, it would be impossible to obtain a treasure like the Temporary War Temple. Otherwise, David would be able to break into the main temple and occupy the main temple’s warehouse.
“Be careful!” Speaker Gould didn’t know what David had discovered, so he could only remind him.
The energy feather wings behind David flapped, and his figure became blurred and disappeared.
Speaker Gould and the two legendary lords only saw a faint figure flying high into the sky and quickly disappearing. They looked at each other, trying to confirm that this was not a dream.
Facing the God of War, the fifteen legendary knights all lost their fighting ability by the God of War. The feeling of powerlessness at that time left them with deep-rooted memories.
The subsequent battle between Lord Arthur and the God of War was beyond their knowledge.
Although Speaker Gould and the two legendary lords fell to the ground, they were still able to see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and perceive through their minds. They were very close to the battlefield. The battle process was even better for them than those who scanned the array in space. The priests and priests could see it more clearly.
Lord Arthur’s natural ability of ‘swordsmanship’ and the God of War’s higher-level attacks made these lords who considered themselves the top powers in the world feel weak.
After David left the perception range of Speaker Gould and the two legendary knights, he activated the ‘Breaking Sky’ talent abil