my of the Zerg race, and the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ himself no longer cared about being seriously injured.

It is ready to give up its territory and everything within the next few thousand years, hiding itself to heal until it is fully recovered.
“Shame! All the Zerg scouts are dispatched to find the humans hiding in the Zerg world!” Almost all the Zerg at level five or above in the Zerg world received the wrath of the ‘Mother Queen’ at the same time.
In particular, the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ has been unable to be contacted. This strange situation further illustrates the problem.
/After believing the message from the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’, another question came to mind.
If the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ has lost the ‘Emperor’s Heritage Pattern’, then who is using the ‘Emperor’s Heritage Pattern’ that now accounts for one-ninth of the power of faith in the Zerg world?
Without thinking too much about this question, the ‘Mother Queen’ thought of the answer. The human who snatched the ‘Emperor’s Heritage Pattern’ from the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ had the audacity to come to the Zerg world to snatch the power of faith.
The ‘Mother Queen’ certainly knows how helpful the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’ is to cultivation. Almost all the Emperor Bloodline Zerg with the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’ spend a very short time in their growth stage.
If humans are allowed to absorb the power of faith in the Zerg world, then the strength of humans will rise to extremely terrifying levels in a short period of time, and even becoming a god is not impossible.
The Zerg race is tantamount to subsidizing the enemy and cultivating gods for the enemy. How can the ‘Mother Queen’ endure this kind of thing? No matter what, we must find the human with the ‘Emperor’s inheritance pattern’.
The status of the ‘Mother Queen’ in the Zerg world is extremely noble, but this kind of dignity is also for non-Zerg gods.
Every Zerg god-level has long been separated from the status of being controlled by the “Mother Queen”. Although the “Mother Queen” can issue orders to the Zerg god-level, whether the Zerg god-level will obey or not still depends on the situation.
The ‘Mother Queen’ directly skips the Zerg god level and issues orders to all Zerg races above level five. This is the greatest power that the ‘Mother Queen’ can achieve.
As the spiritual leader of the Zerg, the ‘Mother Queen”s order immediately stirred up the Zerg world.
/Every Zerg above level five has its own sphere of influence. They have sent out scouts one after another to investigate the Zerg and strictly investigate the situation within their sphere of influence.
The chaos of the Zerg did not affect the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’. The ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ had long since closed its ability to communicate with the outside world.
After a day’s flight, the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ approached the location of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’.
There is nothing the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ can do. After devouring the ‘Skylight Beetle’ for healing, it will also need some tim