a of ??Chaos.

Xu Ying shook his head and said: “The purpose of Taiyi setting the battle site in the Sea of ??Chaos is to avoid other people. If you go to watch the battle, I’m afraid you will attract more people. Now, there must be many people watching. Stay here.”
Those who are keeping an eye on Tianjue City are the Four Avenue Masters!
Xu Ying thought that he could get rid of these four Taoist masters, but if he brought Sheng Zun and others with him, it would be difficult to get rid of them.
Shengzun and Qingxuan were itchy, but Jiuhen was worried about Taiyi’s safety, but they also knew that what Xu Ying said was true. If they went to watch the battle, they would be followed by someone who wanted to watch.
It’s just a pity that we can’t watch the battle.
Xu Ying smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I will record this battle and show it to you.”
The Holy Lord said: “If you are defeated, you must record it and show it to us.”
Qingxuan suddenly looked forward to it.
Xu Ying’s face was uncertain, and he laughed and said: “Will I lose? How can I lose? I have practiced hard for more than four hundred years and realized that my nature is self-sufficient. Hey, my nature is self-sufficient. Do you understand?” After saying this, he asked them Explain the difference between the self-sufficiency of my nature and the self-sufficiency of my nature in the Oneness.
Qingxuan whispered: “He is really worried that he will lose.”
The Holy Lord nodded: “His confidence is not that strong.”
Xu Ying explained to them what it means to be self-sufficient in nature, and he felt that he was confident enough, so he set off immediately, raised the green rock tower and boat, and left.
“Jiu Hate, Qing Xuan, I’ll leave this place to you!” His voice came from afar.
At the same time that the Cuiyan Tower Ship left Tianjue City, the eyes of Dao Master Hua, Dao Master Lin, Dao Master Luo and others also fell on the Cuiyan Tower Ship.
At the same time, many figures were chasing the building boats, and at the ferry of the Chaos Sea, someone was already waiting there, asking the guard to prepare the building boats and come to the edge of the Chaos Sea, ready to enter the sea with the promised ship at any time.
Taiyi Dao Lord is an elusive figure, and he is always followed by ten Dao Lords. It is extremely difficult to track his whereabouts.
But Xu Ying didn’t have so many experts around him, so it was easiest to track Xu Ying.
After several months, Xu Ying finally arrived. There are already dozens of green rock building ships waiting there at the edge of the Chaos Sea. Some of the ships are disciples of Luo Dao Master Lin Dao Master. Others are mostly Dao Lords, True Kings, and even Yin Yang Dao Lords and Divine Demon Dao Lords. Come in person too!
There was also a person on the boat named Changsun Shenghai, who was very handsome, but when he looked at Xu Yingzhi, his expression was filled with worry.
“Uncle Xu understood the Nine Innate Paths and understood Hongyuan. What innate spiritual roots did he use to unify the Nine Paths?”
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