shot, you are very spiritual and suitable to become a chaotic creature.”

He paused and said: “The world often talks about the Nine Innate Paths, and believes that there is no greater avenue than this. Even chaos is just one of them. However, the real avenue of chaos is not just the so-called avenue of chaos?”
The young man in yellow continued: “The so-called nine innate ways, the so-called void, and the so-called entire universe are in chaos. The sea of ??chaos is all-encompassing and cannot tolerate anything. The sea of ??chaos is the avenue of chaos.”
Xu Ying thought carefully and said: “In other words, chaos accommodates other innate avenues, and all known and unknown avenues are within chaos!”
The boy in yellow nodded slightly.
Xu Ying followed the young man in yellow and passed by a Zun Dao Existence. He said with emotion: “In my heyday, I was so powerful and realized the true meaning of the Chaos Dao. No wonder these strange people from Chaos will follow me. But my My vision is a bit narrow, I only saw the Sea of ??Chaos, but never the Great Void.”
He shook his head and said with a smile: “I thought before that it was me who confused the years and blurred time and space, allowing me to appear in the past and future, becoming the Chaos Lord who unified the Chaos Sea, and doing so many earth-shattering things. Look now Come on, I’m not him. The Chaos Lord is someone else. Brother Zhong Dao, you really have the wrong person.”
His eyes were clear and he said sincerely: “I am not the big shot you are looking for.”
The young man in yellow’s eyes fell on him and said: “I didn’t find the wrong person. You are the big shot we are looking for.”
Xu Ying was quite puzzled and said with a smile: “I can be sure that I am not the Chaos Lord. My way will not be limited to this path.”
/He paused, and the acquired path burst out. The scene in front of him suddenly changed. Xu Ying actually jumped out of the path of the Chaos Lord!
Or it shouldn’t be called jumping out, but the promised road of tomorrow is broader than the road of the Chaos Lord!
At this time, the young man in yellow, like those strange people from chaos, has actually become another bright light on his path!
/Xu Ying’s voice sounded ethereal, and he said leisurely: “I admire the Chaos Lord, and I admire everyone who stands at the end of the path. But my path may not be able to surpass them. Brother Zhong Dao, I am not your Chaos Lord. Please admit your mistake. People.”
At this moment, a bell rang. Along with the bell, Xu Ying returned to the boy in yellow.
The boy in yellow still walked forward and said: “You are the Lord of Chaos. The fact that you can escape from this road proves that you must be the Lord of Chaos.”
Xu Ying was confused and followed him step by step, saying: “My current path is wider than the Chaos Lord, and I will definitely be stronger than the Chaos Lord in the future. How can I be the Chaos Lord?”
The young man in yellow said: “Who said that the Chaos Lord can only be one person? The Chaos Lord is passed down from generati