ect of Dongqi County.”

“excuse me.”
Zhao Shiran slightly cupped his hands, nodded with Huang Guan, and Shi Shiran turned and left.
/She had no other intentions and didn’t want to wade into troubled waters. Before coming, Huang Guan didn’t tell her that the situation was so complicated.
Huang Guanzheng was annoyed that Ding Lei had lied about the military situation. Seeing that Zhao Shiran was running away so fast, he couldn’t follow him and left, so he bit the bullet and said: “Master Zhao is used to being clean. She came here specially for a visit. It’s natural for her to go back after the visit.”
“It’s quite curvy.”
Zhu Bo nodded in agreement, suddenly came back to his senses, clenched his fist and coughed lightly: “Yes, he is quite a pure person.”
Huang Guan secretly thought that things were difficult to deal with because birds of a feather flocked together and people were divided into groups. Although he had not seen Lu Bei, looking at his friend’s character, he thought he would not be much better.
“Brother Bo, who is outside?”
Lu Bei put his head out and looked at Huang Guan suspiciously, and asked in a low voice: “That’s weird, I feel something in my heart. I’m lucky today, why is an old man knocking on the door?”
“Looking for you.”
Zhu Bo winked at Lu Bei and continued strolling in the front yard.
/Lu Bei understood the idea, and after introducing each other to Huang Guan, when he talked about Ding Lei from the Goose School, he immediately beat his chest and stamped his feet: “Old leader Huang, I don’t know, but that man named Ding was so deceitful that he led more than a hundred people to be labeled Sanqing in the middle of the night. Feng, if I hadn’t had some boxing skills, I could barely protect myself, but I might have died of regrets, with no bones left!”
“Headmaster Lu is worrying too much. Headmaster Ding doesn’t mean that. I have asked. There is a misunderstanding between the two of you. He”
“Needless to say, I finally heard it. Mr. Huang, the leader of the alliance, is here to stir up trouble. Please go back and tell Ding Lei that Mr. Lu will do what he says and he is the most honest person. He owes me, a There is no shortage of sons!”
Lu Bei snorted coldly: “Come, let’s see you off!”
When no one answered, Lu Bei snorted again, slammed the door shut, set the bolt, and went back to teach the little fox demon how to read.
“What, what can you see?” Zhu Bo stepped forward.
“It’s a bit troublesome.” Lu Bei frowned.
“how do I say this?”
“Brother Bo, you know that I am famous for respecting the old and loving the young. If a young man comes and is more aggressive, if he raises his eyebrows, I will not be able to hold back my fists, but an old man is polite to me. Come to the door, I can’t beat him!”
Lu Bei shook his head repeatedly: “I have no choice but to take the blame to the end, and put some pressure on Ding, and let him sell the iron to find other leaders on the mountain. If there are more people, I can handle everything.”
“That’s all.”
Huang Guan didn’t even go in. He aske