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/This is actually easy to understand. First of all, most of the fighting parties are from Yuzhou and are township parties – Yuzhou people do not fight Yuzhou people.
The second thing is that King Zheng did not openly raise the flag of rebellion. Although his actions were essentially rebellion, as long as he still recognized the court and the young emperor, the Yuzhou military service room would not be able to force him too much.
No one can bear the responsibility of forcing a county king to rebel.
Not to mention that Yuzhou is not only facing the attack of King Xiang, but King Yu is also a little unstable. If King Zheng rebels again, the whole Yuzhou will be in chaos.
You know, the severe drought in Yuzhou some time ago also caused a lot of chaos, not to mention that northern Henan is adjacent to Youzhou County.
In this case, if the two sides fight, of course they can avoid killing people, so they should try to avoid killing people.
King Zheng’s army became more and more numerous, and it was also for this reason – after everyone was defeated, they ran away desperately. After running back to the rear, they reorganized their troops and faced them again. After losing, they ran again. In
addition, King Zheng recruited The private soldiers are very powerful, and of course the army will fight more and more.
The fighting style of King Zheng’s army seemed ridiculous, but after just a few defeats, his power became stronger and stronger.
Even from a certain perspective, his army has gone through a test. It may not be able to fight a tough battle, but it is somewhat confident to fight guerrilla warfare. If nothing else, it is quite remarkable to say that these troops can spread out and recover.
Zhao Xinxin was quite dissatisfied with King Zheng. Old King Zheng was Guangzong’s brother, and King Ying was Guangzong’s son. When King Ying was young, he was often tormented by his uncle and almost drowned once.
The current King Zheng is Zhao Xinxin’s cousin, and he has always been kind to the King of England – Guangzong has already chosen the prince, and the King of England is the most virtuous of the prince’s brothers. Old King Zheng placed his bet on the prince. Of course, Prince Zheng would not change his mind if he was exposed to the late emperor.
/Li Yongsheng’s mission when he came to Yuzhou this time was to create obstacles for King Zheng. It would be best if he could defeat his arrogance, disband the army he had raised, and let this guy honestly be the king of Taiping County.
To be honest, this is basically an epic mission – if Li Changsheng doesn’t reveal his identity as a watcher.
King Zheng has now gathered more than 200,000 troops. With the addition of Dingzhuang, there are at least 700,000 to 800,000 troops. It can definitely be called one million.
The difficulty of disbanding such a large army can be imagined.
Chapter 933: It is difficult to distinguish between soldiers and bandits
. Li Yongsheng did not think that this task could never be completed.
Through observations a