mp, but it was a very small amount, less than 10%, so the remaining food and grass was enough to feed all the men for half a month.

mp, but it was a very small amount, less than 10%, so the remaining food and grass was enough to feed all the men for half a month.
Considering that 10,000 people escaped and another 1,000 people were killed, there is no problem in supplying 8,000 prisoners with food for a month – including the guards, it is more than enough.
But the county magistrate was still worried, “What about this month’s food and next month’s?”
Li Yongsheng glared at him fiercely, “Should I take care of their food for the rest of their lives?”
It’s obviously your business, you and I What am I talking about? I helped you take down King Zheng’s camp, but did I do the wrong thing?
Chapter 945: Too Many Prisoners
After the county magistrate said the words, he also knew that he was rash, but he still had some luck in his heart, what if?
But after hearing Li Yongsheng’s words, he could only smile with all his strength, “Well, this is what I should consider in the first place!”
Seeing his look, Ji Qiang couldn’t help it, “Master Li’s Thunder Valley is also There’s a shortage of food. We didn’t take away the food. Instead, we left it for you, but we let you down? What a villain!”
/“How can I be disappointed?” the county magistrate retorted, his face flushed. He blushed, “It’s just that there are eight thousand more mouths suddenly, and they are all strong and strong. It is inevitable that I will panic. According to Ji Zhenren’s words, should I be confident?” Ji
glanced at him and uttered two words lightly, “Of course!” Ling was so choked that his face turned red and his neck was thick. Li Yongsheng looked a little amused and couldn’t help but asked, “Have you asked the county magistrate for your surname?”
The county magistrate curled his lips and replied absently, “My surname is Meng.”
Li Yongsheng’s surname is Meng. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly, which was indeed cute.
The next moment, the cute Magistrate Meng said again, “Master Li, how should we deal with these rebellious young men?”
This is really not my business! Li Yongsheng spread his hands and asked helplessly, “Which one of us is the county magistrate? If nothing else, can’t you hand over the prisoners?”
The county was fighting King Zheng, so if the prisoners were escorted over, wouldn’t the problem be solved?
/With the strength of a county, after taking in these eight thousand prisoners, will there still be a shortage of this little food? Save two mouthfuls in each person’s mouth and save money.
However, Magistrate Meng’s answer was very disappointing, “The county is also short of food. After capturing prisoners, they are usually released on the spot.” ”
What a horse?” Li Yongsheng couldn’t believe his ears, “You won’t even be able to Can’t we do work-for-work relief?”
“It really can’t be done,” Magistrate Meng shook his head helplessly and sighed heavily.
“Yuzhou is really short of food this year, and Yuzhou is not a Thunder Valley. Even if it is a relief operation, it would be good to have 50% of the food that falls into the hand