A layer of intense golden light surged all over the body, and on the outside was a layer of black flames, which turned into a huge black phoenix lying on the ground, looking like it was at the end of its strength.
His guess was indeed correct.
That stone mirror almost put the famous Fengling Ghost King into a desperate situation.
Now he is even more breathless.
Looks very pitiful.
Chapter 91 Transition (1)
“How did it become like this?”
Bai Xianyin looked at this scene and felt unbelievable.
Fengling Ghost King was actually injured like this?
The essence of Fengling Ghost King is that of a phoenix. After his death, he unexpectedly acquired a bit of the essence of resentment. He combined with the resentment. It is said that the resentment will not dissipate and the ghost king will never die.
He is clearly dying now.
At the same time, she was a little shocked.
I don’t know what the stone mirror in the Zhang family’s mansion is, it’s so intimidating.
“Give me back the phoenix soul!”
On the ground, Fengling Ghost King also noticed Zhang Jian’s arrival. There was deep obsession in her eyes and she whispered towards Zhang Jian.
A skinny camel is bigger than a horse!
A strong force of power rushed toward Zhang Jian in an instant.
Zhang Jian took a few steps back.
His eyes fluctuated slightly.
Even if he successfully tests his destiny and builds his foundation, he still feels like a drop in the ocean when facing this innate ghost king.
If it were in its heyday, I would probably be filled with hatred just by meeting him.
/But now this born ghost king only has a little bit of spiritual pressure left.
The whole body has become a sieve.
Zhang Jian saw this scene and looked at Bai Xianyin.
“Xianyin, does this situation count as I have overcome three difficulties?”
Bai Xianyin looked at this scene and was speechless.
But he nodded.
“Young master, the master has said that luck is also a kind of strength. If the Phoenix Spirit Ghost King dies, you will be relieved of the Phoenix’s calamity!”
At this moment, the white bird that Bai Xianyin had been holding in his hand suddenly screamed.
It suddenly woke up from its numb state and struggled desperately.
“Why are you injured like this? You are a phoenix, and I, the god of the bird clan, will be fine!”
Bai Xianyin shook her head and said: “Gods can also be injured and fall!”
Seeing that the white bird was still croaking, Bai Xianyin hummed softly, then twisted it up and shook it once or twice, making it speechless.
On the other side, Zhang Jian slowly took out the Dragon Song Sword in his hand. He looked at Fengling Ghost King lightly, with a trace of murderous intent emerging in his eyes.
Today’s Fengling Ghost King is very weak, so weak that he seems to be able to kill him with just one sword.
/At this moment, the white bird endured the dizziness and said: “You can’t kill the master. The master has already incorporated the spirit of the mountains into his soul. If the master dies, the entire Shuangfeng Mountains will c