agreement that Lingxi Taoist made with Zhu Peng before entering the arctic abyss (exchanging the Ice Soul Pill for the Blood Soul Ridge’s Foundation Establishment Pill). ), because he knew that mentioning this matter at this time was purely self-inflicted. Zhu Peng himself did not take the initiative to mention Hanshanyuan. It was already thankful to God. How could he expect Zhu Peng to still abide by it after he won under the abyss? previously entered into agreements.

“I am willing to buy the Foundation Establishment Pill from Blood Soul Ridge at the market price. I just ask the high priest, for the sake of being from the Qinling Mountains, to give priority to selling the Foundation Establishment Pill to me from the Hanshan Mountain Lineage when the price is the same. Xuan Cang is here Grateful.”
At this time, Ye Xuancang has naturally assumed the position of the Lord of Hanshan. It seems that Lingxi Taoist and Cang Hanzi had made arrangements before entering the abyss to fight Zhu Peng for their lives, and made many preparations to ensure that they would not let go. A century-old inheritance of Hanshan was destroyed in one fell swoop.
“You are willing, but I am not willing. Xuan Cang, don’t be impatient, just listen to what I have to say.” Zhu Peng reached out and patted Ye Xuancang’s shoulder to calm his emotions, and Zhu Peng continued.
“In addition to creating your own secret method of foundation building, swallowing pills and taking bait, there is a third way to build a foundation, which is to practice the secret method of foundation building created by predecessors and complete your own tripod building and return to the foundation. Although this method is difficult to practice, It’s quite difficult, but it’s easier than saving up money to buy a foundation-building pill. Especially for a sect whose cultivation methods are relatively unified, having a set of foundation-building secret methods that fit the sect’s cultivation methods means basically getting rid of the entire sect. I don’t think Xuan Cang’s wisdom will understand the sect’s reliance on the Foundation Establishment Pill and the various benefits derived from it, right?”
Once again, he patted Ye Xuancang on the shoulder. After finishing his words, Zhu Peng turned around and left. He had revealed enough content, and it would be too much to persuade and guide him, so Zhu Peng retreated at the appropriate time, leaving Ye Xuancang behind. Enough room for thinking.
/“What are you planning again? You actually gave up the opportunity to make a killing and directed Ye Xuancang to find some foundation-building secret method. Is the foundation-building secret method so easy to obtain? There are many talents in the Blood Soul Ridge. I think the foundation-building secret method is also Only three to five books, and apart from your foundation-building secrets, most of them are foundation-building secrets that have failed in nature. Tell me, what are you planning to do by encouraging Ye Xuancang like this?”
When Zhu Peng and Ye Xuancang were talking, Qi