“Asshole!” Huang Hao was so angry that he got up and slapped the case, “Who are you, and you dare to talk to me like this?”

“Asshole!” Huang Hao was so angry that he got up and slapped the case, “Who are you, and you dare to talk to me like this?”
“Okay, you Awesome,” Li Yongsheng nodded and stopped talking.
In fact, Huang Hao was a little unsure about this cultivator. He had learned some information about Li Yongsheng and knew that this person was not easy to mess with. He also knew that the real person in the Dao Palace outside was this person’s backstage.
/But so what? The current situation in Zhangde Mansion is tense, and a greater conflict may break out at any time. Real person? Come on, the North Korean Security Bureau really doesn’t have too many real people at its disposal.
So he sneered, “Don’t think that just because you donated something to the Royal Horse Prison, you feel that you are unambiguous. Do you know which prison ranks first among the twelve prisons?” It turned out that he was an idiot, and
Li Yongsheng didn’t even bother to pay attention to him. , turned around and went back to the room.
Huang Hao said this, but he was actually a little bit excited. When he went back and asked a little bit, he found out that more than one real person had come to the Dao Palace, and he became even more confused: Zhicao, Song Shu and Chen Zhaoxue were all here, plus outside These are three real people.
What particularly frustrated him was that Song Shu and Chen Zhaoxue were both from the Arctic Palace, so it was obvious that what was standing behind Li Yongsheng was not the Shifang Jungle, but the Four Upper Palaces.
However, even so, he still didn’t care much, because he also knew that the ones who attacked the Chao’an Security Bureau were the forces of the Zisun Temple – they were also from the Taoist Palace, and it would not be easy for you, the North Pole Palace, to distance themselves from them.
Three days later, Li Yongsheng took Yang Guozheng and Ming Xiaomei to leave.
In fact, after the Four Great Masters took Ren Yongxin and others away, he no longer had the need to stay here. He didn’t want to be trapped here alive.
Of course Huang Hao wouldn’t allow them to leave. Over the past few days, he had also figured out the identities of the two practitioners. Their backgrounds gave him a bit of a headache, but – without the headache, where would the benefits come from?
So when Li Yongsheng was about to leave, two department cultivators blocked their way, “Master Li, you can’t leave now. You also know that this is Master Huang’s wish. Please don’t embarrass us.”
Of course Huang Hao is They are very powerful, but Li Yongsheng’s background also makes Chaoan a big problem. These two can only stop people like this.
Not far away was the Taoist palace’s carriage, with Liu Qi and Zhang Muzi on it, but they couldn’t interfere with the affairs of the Security Bureau, so they could only watch.
If he had to seek death by himself, no one else could stop him. Li Yongsheng had no choice but to throw his hands at Zhang Muzi who was in the distance. “Master Zhang, please tell me what my instructions are. We can’t go b