If it is golden all over, it is considered a success.

Any dish that is 10% burnt, or has too much salt, or is undercooked, or has no grease covering the meat skewers, is not considered a qualified dish.
Wei Xiaobei gained this experience after cooking more than a dozen skewers of barbecued meats, such as burning them.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was somewhat lucky.
This delicious dish includes barbecued meat, so I don’t know how much time I saved myself.
If he had to make a hundred dishes on the plate, such as twice-cooked pork, mapo tofu, stir-fried pork, etc., then Wei Xiaobei would be a little over the top.
A skewer of barbecued meat counts as one dish, which is indeed a huge bargain.
Turning over the barbecue on the fire, Wei Xiaobei took the time to add some twigs and hay to the campfire. He didn’t dare to add too much, for fear that the fire would be too strong and the barbecue would be completely charred in one breath, but he didn’t dare to add too little. , accidentally, the bonfire went out.
Tasty dishes 34/100.
Wei Xiaobei handed two skewers of barbecue to the Pingwheel Messenger.
The little girl couldn’t even speak now. She completely ignored the scalding heat of the barbecue and kept stuffing it into her mouth.
/I don’t know if the food in Baita Mountain was too bad, or if she was abused there.
Wei Xiaobei himself could feel the improvement of his skills.
Although most of the first barbecued meats were cooked, they were either salty or bland in taste.
After all, what you sprinkle on yourself is the salt grains you grab with your hands, unlike the salt water or soy sauce used by those barbecue stalls, which is not easy to spread evenly.
But having said that, if you sprinkle the salt grains on the barbecue and cook it, it will taste much better than using salt water or soy sauce, and it will not have an unpleasant watery smell.
To be honest, at first, Wei Xiaobei was a little worried that he would cook too much barbecue. After all, he was not very hungry, and Paddlewheel Messenger was a little girl, so he could eat as much as he could.
Of course, if you don’t care about the taste, it doesn’t matter if you put the barbecue in your backpack.
But no matter how well-cooked the barbecue is, it won’t taste very good after it’s cooled.
/Of course, the temperature in the little treasure bag should be able to be maintained. The problem is that the little treasure bag is filled with raw meat, and there is no room for it in a short while.
Later, Wei Xiaobei felt relieved.
This Pingwheel Messenger may not look like a little girl, but her appetite is amazing, and even made Wei Xiaobei wonder if she was transformed into a huge monster.
Of the 34 skewers of barbecue, at least 32 were eaten by the little girl alone.
Although one skewer of barbecue is not much, the barbecue cooked by Wei Xiaobei is not sold for sale. It is very generous, and every five skewers can be placed on a large plate.
An ordinary adult man would be almost full after eating ten skewers. He would be half dead after eating fifteen