ery few real ancient Roman cavalry. Most of them serve as commanders, and most of the cavalry are troops recruited from the colonies by the ancient Roman Empire.

At this time, Hannibal had retreated to the rear of the military formation, also mobilizing the army through the sound of trumpets.
Soon more than two thousand Carthaginian cavalry on the left wing attacked. Their task was to try their best to seduce and entangle the ancient Roman cavalry and prevent the side of the Carthaginian army from being attacked by cavalry.
At the same time, the war elephant phalanx on the right wing also attacked.
In fact, even Wei Xiaobei could see that with the attack of the six thousand Roman cavalry, the situation became a little unfavorable for Carthage.
Scipio was indeed one of the most outstanding commanders in ancient Rome, and he could see through what Hannibal wanted to do at a glance.
Of course, it was impossible for Scipio to leave these six thousand cavalry behind. Once Carthage showed signs of decline, a cavalry assault was bound to happen.
To be honest, the position of Wei Xiaobei’s phalanx was not very good. It was on the left wing and happened to be facing those war elephants.
Seeing the momentum of the war elephant pushing forward, the ancient Roman soldiers around Wei Xiaobei turned a little pale even though they were experienced in many battles.
/Facing the charging formation of war elephants, even the most powerful ancient Roman soldiers could not resist it!
At this moment, the horns of ancient Rome sounded, and the phalanx of slingers from Parma quickly moved forward. Some of them actually held instruments such as trumpets in their hands and stood behind them and kept playing hard.
It has to be said that the skills of these slingers in blowing the trumpet are too crude. They can blow the trumpet, but the sound they blow is completely naked noise.
Obviously, the noise produced by hundreds of loudspeakers made the war elephants who were rushing over feel very uncomfortable, and they even slowed down their speed.
At this time, the slingers from the brigade swarmed up, put fist-sized stones on the slings, and after swinging them desperately for several times above their heads, they threw them towards the war elephants.
Bang bang bang, thousands of stones hit the war elephants like raindrops.
Although these war elephants were all covered with armor, the continuous impact of stones still hurt these war elephants.
They retreated one after another, and even some timid war elephants turned around and ran towards the way they came, trampling many Carthaginian soldiers on their side to death.
“woo woo woo woo!”
Continuous horn sounds sounded, and the ancient Roman soldiers forming a phalanx began to move forward quickly. Wei Xiaobei did not react slowly and immediately followed.
At this time, the six thousand ancient Roman cavalry had collided with more than two thousand Carthaginian cavalry. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of cavalry were stabbed off their horses by spears.
The more than two thousand