situations. He heard that their families were all here, but they didn’t like studying and dropped out of school early.

Wei Xiaobei even went so far as to cook a late-night snack for them, which revealed the true colors of these people.
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei acted like an elder and asked Zhao Guang to lead by example and take his younger brother to the martial arts field to practice martial arts. At the same time, he asked a few gangsters to call home and say that they were not going back to practice martial arts. .
Of course, these little gangsters didn’t go home very often. After wandering around outside for one day, their family members basically gave up, so they had nothing to say when they received the call.
Practice martial arts?
The few gangsters were a little dumbfounded, but they didn’t dare to disobey.
Are you kidding me, the eldest brother is so powerful, isn’t his second uncle even more powerful? Just look at this martial arts gym and you will know that it is not a lie.
As a result, several gangsters practiced martial arts until 2 o’clock in the evening before going to bed. Moreover, the bed was an oversized bunk bed with a mattress and a quilt, which made them very cold.
At five o’clock in the morning the next day, a few gangsters who were accustomed to the nightlife were immersed in sweet dreams when they felt something cold licking their faces. When they opened their eyes, they almost wet their pants.
A legendary zombie dog was squatting beside the bed with eager eyes, using its disgusting tongue to gently lick the faces of several of them.
“Mom! Help!”
There were five gangsters, three of them fainted immediately, and the remaining two huddled in the corner and started calling for help with sharp screams.
Seeing this scene, Zhu Xinyi couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded.
She came here to wake up the five people according to her master’s instructions. She summoned a zombie dog directly without waking them up.
As a result, three were stunned and two were frightened.
By the time Zhu Xinyi collected the zombie dogs and rushed the five people to the martial arts arena, Wei Xiaobei and others had already started practicing boxing.
Huang Kun was standing under a big tree at this time, leaning against the big tree with his shoulders. The big tree was covered with frost from top to bottom. Every time it was hit, there would be a lot of pain. Less frost falls.
/This is Huang Kun practicing his ability to control the frost while practicing the Iron Mountain.
And Andre was practicing squats while holding a huge stone lock.
/Wei Xiaobei wouldn’t say it anymore. These daily efforts were of little use to him.
But for people like Andre, daily practice can gradually improve their strength and agility. Of course, the speed of this improvement is not as fast as killing monsters, but it is very stable and long-lasting.
As for Wei Xiaobei, he was wandering back and forth among the iron pipes. As he moved, the light bulbs connected to the tops of the iron pipes were constantly shining brightly.