nodded, thinking that Huang Kun, like Zhang Zhilong, was here to advise him not to go astray, so he tried to block Huang Kun’s words of persuasion: “Okay, let’s practice the boxing and let my teacher Look at your progress.”

Who would have thought that after a boxing fight, Huang Kun still refused to give up and asked sneakily: “Master, if you always want to be a chef, I can think of a way.”
It turned out that Huang Kun was not here to persuade Wei Xiaobei, but to flatter him.
Wei Xiaobei stared at Huang Kun, thinking, what relationship could this kid have?
Anyway, when Huang Kun said this, Wei Xiaobei didn’t scold him and just asked him to speak slowly.
However, Huang Kun said that he could find a solution to his mother, and Huang Kun’s mother is the boss of a catering company, so there is no problem in this regard.
Hearing Huang Kun say this, Wei Xiaobei suddenly thought: “Why haven’t you gone home yet?”
While saying this, Wei Xiaobei stared at Huang Kun’s face.
/As soon as Huang Kun heard this, there was a hint of panic on his face. There was no doubt that this boy had never gone back since Wei Xiaobei left. As for going to school, it was even less possible.
“What’s your mother’s phone number?”
Wei Xiaobei felt that he had indulged Huang Kun a little, and his mother might be anxious to death.
“Master, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I’m not injured yet. I’m afraid my mother will be worried if I go back. Don’t worry, I’ve already called and I’ll be back. It’ll be fine.”
Compared with others of the same age, Huang Kun was indeed quicker in these aspects, and he quickly calmed down and eliminated most of Wei Xiaobei’s anger.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was a little embarrassed about calling Huang Kun’s mother.
The current situation is as if Wei Xiaobei kidnapped Huang Kun.
So when he heard Huang Kun said he called home, Wei Xiaobei breathed a sigh of relief, and his next words became much more relaxed.
With Huang Kun’s approach, Wei Xiaobei no longer had to apply for jobs everywhere, which would have wasted too much time.
In order to make things smoother, Wei Xiaobei pulled Huang Kun aside and gave detailed instructions.
Now that he decided to use this channel, Wei Xiaobei was not willing to mess up the matter.
/After Wei Xiaobei warned him, Huang Kun called back, not to his mother, but to his mother’s secretary.
For Huang Kun, it was best not to have to talk to his mother on the phone. His mother’s nagging tactics made his back tingle when he thought about it.
Huang Kun’s phone call also went smoothly, and Wei Xiaobei felt itchy in his bones when he heard the sweetness of his mouth.
Obviously, the secretary on the other side of the phone, whom Huang Kun called Sister Yi, couldn’t resist.
After hanging up the phone, Huang Kun proudly expressed his gratitude to Wei Xiaobei. The matter was settled. As long as he obtained the health certificate, he could go to work at a fast food company affiliated with his mother’s company at any time.
There is no doubt that this fast food company is more suitable fo