e bathroom to take a shower, and Liu Changan continued to tell her the story of Xu Jiuzhou and Xiaobai Xiaoqing outside the door. After Xu Jiuzhou rescued Xiaobai and Xiaoqing, he continued to stay in Qingcheng Mountain for a while, and then returned with two snakes. Lin’an.

Naturally, the two snakes did not turn into two beautiful women. They were still just two spiritual snakes.
Xu Jiuzhou had already established the Jiuzhou Fenglei Sword Sect at this time, so he gave the two snakes to the care of two popular female disciples in the sect.
/Jiuzhou Fenglei Jianmen’s secret wealth was as rich as any country. Xu Jiuzhou opened a medicine shop in Lin’an and treated people for free. He also provided relief to the people when famine or plague spread. At that time, two people who often helped him were Female disciple, when people in Lin’an saw one raising white snakes, they called her White Snake, while the other raising green snakes naturally called her Green Snake.
/Although An Nuan mocked Xu Jiuzhou, he also felt that such a story was more real, and the legend should be based on such a story.
But whether it is the legend of the White Snake or what Liu Changan said, they are all stories! An Nuan recalled the books he read in high school, such as “Zi Buyu” by Yuan Mei. Liu Changan was really interested in these interesting stories about gods and monsters!
An Nuan would not laugh at him. Boys actually always have an innocent side. For example, they are crazy about games, they like toys no matter how old they are, and they like some science fiction things. You can’t expect them to be mature and complete in every aspect. Lost innocence and the only remaining privacy in my heart.
An Nuan really wouldn’t like a man who was completely devoid of innocence. He always felt that such a man would be so rational that he was completely impersonal and devoid of warmth.
Dinner was delivered to the room. After An Nuan took a shower, she came out to dine with Liu Changan, but she insisted on sitting on the bed and letting Liu Changan feed her, because she had to be very squeamish all day today, and she would not be like this tomorrow.
Liu Changan had no objection and turned on the TV while feeding An Nuan.
An Nuan was holding the remote control, feeling bored, and switched to a TV station that was broadcasting news. She still planned to change the channel, but Liu Changan held down her hand.
An Nuan glanced at the TV and was surprised: “Leifeng Pagoda has fallen!”
Leifeng Pagoda was first built in 977 AD. The person who built the tower was Qianchu (CHU) who “received the soil and returned to the Song Dynasty”.
Qian Chu’s original name was Qian Hongchu. In order to avoid the name taboo of Song Taizu’s father, Zhao Hongyin, he changed his name to Qian Chu.
Qian Chu was the last king of Wuyue in the Wuyue Kingdom during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. When the later Han Dynasty was strong, he was the younger brother, and when the later Zhou Dynasty was stronger, he was also the younger brother. Zhao Kuangyin was born