im to harvest all the souls and beliefs of the Lumbu Planet. .

Gladstone, the god of plague, only needs to leave an empty shell of Lumbu Star, calmly seal the small world, completely isolate it from the larger divine world, and enter a deep sleep to avoid the detection of other gods.
But David’s unexpected appearance brought all Plague God Gladstone’s plans to naught.
No one thought that the followers of the ‘Shadow God’ would have established a safe house on Lumbu Planet a long time ago, and David obtained a way to enter the safe house, allowing him to freely enter and exit Lumbu Planet.
Gladstone, the God of Plague, regretted that he did not kill David and Shadow Waiter when they entered the small world, which led to today’s ending.
Just when Gladstone, the god of plague, was about to use the energy in his throne and use his divine body to fight, the fourth-level priest of the Earth Temple activated the golden sickle, an artifact.
/The artifact golden sickle is connected to the Earth Temple through golden lines, and the power of faith enters the artifact golden sickle from the golden lines.
“Explore the artifact!” Gladstone, the god of plague, felt a strange aura in the small world, and he almost blurted out.
/The detection artifact is not an attack artifact, but it is the artifact that the gods least want to encounter. This artifact can detect small worlds that are not completely closed.
The small world of the gods is rarely completely closed, because the gods need to use the small world to receive faith and souls. Once it is completely closed, it will cut off all contact with the main world.
Like the plague god Gladstone, before he fell asleep, his little world was completely closed.
After he woke up, he opened up the small world so that he could affect the divine big world, specifically the planet Lumbu.
In the previous battle, Gladstone, the God of Plague, had to be observed through the eyes of bewitched animals, so he never closed the small world. At this time, he discovered that there was a detection artifact, and it was too late to close the small world.
The golden sickle of the artifact emits a golden light that surrounds the knight’s battle formation, and then the golden sickle of the artifact flies into the sky with the knight’s battle formation.
David was a little surprised, but when he saw Bishop McKinley next to him looking calm, he was relieved.
The golden sickle, an artifact, had just flown high into the sky. The golden sickle passed through the air, and actually drew a large space crack in the air that looked like a space door.
The artifact golden sickle used golden light to lead the knight battle formation through the space rift, and when it reappeared, it came to another continent on the Lombu star.
Looking at the familiar lake surface, David was shocked. This was not the location of the strange space that he followed Lord Gould and five other lords into that day!
The golden light of the artifact golden sickle seemed to have been consumed a lot at this time, and it was no longer as