e. What he was going to do next must not be exposed, otherwise he might turn from a hero to a criminal.

He put the ‘camouflage cloth’ on his body, and the short wings on the back of the customized exoskeleton armor spurted out energy, pushing him towards the transit space fortress.
As the deputy director of the Battle Star Logistics Department, Lieutenant General Beaumont is also among the top fifteen senior officers in the Battle Star.
/He is sitting in an office at this time. This transit space fortress is also part of the logistics department, and he often works here.
In fact, Lieutenant General Beaumont didn’t like to stay in Battle Star, but he often stayed here.
His status in Battle Star is very embarrassing. Although he is a lieutenant general, his status is not particularly high. He does not have the right to participate in high-level meetings to decide important matters in Battle Star.
The main force of Lieutenant General Beaumont’s group is not in the war zone, but among the top leaders of the Federation, which restricts everything he does on the Battle Star side.
Fortunately, he has no ambitions to fight in the Battle Star. As long as he has the experience here, he will return to the Federation.
In addition, the dangers of battle stars can be seen everywhere. Lieutenant General Beaumont is very afraid of death. He can only feel safe in the area of ??the ‘Doomsday Defense Line’ of ten artificial planets.
The person standing in front of Lieutenant General Beaumont’s desk was Captain Cram, who was taken away by law enforcement soldiers. At this time, Captain Cram was bent over with a flattering look on his face.
“Krum, this time you are in trouble. You must leave the battle star and return to the origin star immediately!” Lieutenant General Beaumont looked at Captain Kram and said in a deep voice.
If it weren’t for the close relationship between Captain Crumb and the person behind Captain Crumb, he would not have been able to use his power to get Captain Crumb out of the hands of law enforcement.
In order to fish out Captain Crum, Lieutenant General Beaumont offended General Adams.
But Lieutenant General Beaumont didn’t care anymore, because the end of the Zerg Total War also gave him a lot of credit. Even if he didn’t go to Battle Star, the logistics work was still very important.
I believe he will be transferred back soon, so it doesn’t matter if he offended General Adams.
“If I go back like this, what’s my position?” Captain Cram asked softly.
Captain Cram is now on the hook for punishment. Even if he returns to the Origin Star, he will still need to be tried by a military court there. However, they have a deep relationship there and this kind of thing can be settled.
/It’s just that Captain Crum didn’t want this, because after accepting the trial, with the evidence of his crime in the military system now, even if it was settled, he would not be able to stand in the military.
“Now that you are still thinking about this, if you don’t go back immediately, the consequences will be forty years