tain Hope who came to greet him not to disturb him, then locked himself in the maintenance room.

He came out of the maintenance room an hour later. After coming out, he took out all the space wristbands on his body and put them into the secret room of the captain’s room.
This trip to Planet 1 would probably require some inspections. He didn’t want to expose so many space wristbands. The origins of these things required too much explanation.
Due to the relatively small size of the space bag, it can be handed over to Shadow Attendant for short-term storage during inspection. With the weight and volume of the space bag, it is not difficult for Shadow Attendant to completely wrap it.
It’s just that if the space bag is kept by Shadow Waiter, it will affect Shadow Waiter’s actions to a certain extent. In addition, the space bag is also a space item that David himself can use. In addition to needing to be taken care of by Shadow Waiter during inspections, it is still kept at ordinary times. On David’s own side.
After doing everything, David called Captain Hope.
“Hope, I have one thing for you!” David said to Captain Hope.
“Please give me your orders!” Captain Hope immediately stood up straight and said.
“You will drive the Heiss and set off tomorrow to the Kian star in the Kador star field. There, you will find Master Healy. Master Healy will replenish the crew you need for the spacecraft. I will also study ten more in the military academy. More than 1 month, there is no need to use the ‘Hess’ for the time being, you first follow Master Healy’s orders in the Caddo Magnesium Star Field!” David ordered in a deep voice.
Once what David does next is exposed, it will be an earth-shattering event and will affect many people.
/So David arranged for Captain Hope to take away the ‘Hais’, and Master Healy would arrange for the ‘Hais’. If the most dangerous time came, Master Healy would take most of the wealth of the Erto Fund Convert to bearer account, from light to dark.
/This is also the back-up prepared by David, with his assets managed by his two most trusted subordinates.
As for his father Hans, even if David’s action failed and was exposed, it would be difficult to have much impact on Hans, who was also a ‘national soldier’.
“Yes, sir!” Captain Hope didn’t understand the reason, he just followed the order.
David did not drive the Land Tiger II armored vehicle when he returned this time. This souvenir was still placed on the Blacks. Although this armored vehicle is not precious, it is an item worthy of commemoration.
When approaching Planet No. 1, David saw many types of warships hovering around Planet No. 1, guarding Planet No. 1.
He also saw the whole picture of Planet No. 1. Planet No. 1 is a huge space platform with no buildings on its surface, just an empty platform.
Seeing such an artificial planet in space always makes people feel the greatness of the Federation’s construction. The history of this planet is extremely long, and the technology at that time was far from as advanced as it is today.
Planet No.