light flashed and stabbed Yin Kuang.

light flashed and stabbed Yin Kuang.
“It’s me!” Yin Kuang clamped Wang Ning’s wrist.
The black beast then paused. He just missed hitting Yin Kuang.
“Humph! You are the one who is going to be killed!”
Yin Kuang was too lazy to argue with Wang Ning and shouted, “What’s going on? Where is Qian Qianqian?”
Wang Ning frowned, broke away from Yin Kuang’s hand, stood up, and said: “Your woman attacked me as soon as she woke up, and then ran away. As for the rest, I don’t know anything about it. Huh, I really can’t see that your woman is so powerful. I, Wang Ning, must have made a mistake!”
Qian ! Qianqian attacked Wang Ning and injured Wang Ning! ?
Yin Kuang knew Wang Ning’s strength very well, but Qian Qianqian had almost no combat ability. How could she injure Wang Ning? But Yin Kuang also knew that there was no need for Wang Ning to lie to him. Tang Rouyu said coldly: “Did you do something to Qianqian? Tell me!”
/“Joke!” Wang Ning only said two words, and then he was too lazy to speak.
Yin Kuang shook his hand with a headache. Wang Ning’s principle is “self-interest”, and he will never do anything that is not good for himself. Moreover, from the look on Wang Ning’s face, it seemed that he had been hit by Qian Qianqian’s blow. The question is, how could Qian Qianqian have such strength?
“By the way,” Wang Ning shook his head and said, “I vaguely remember what the woman said about ‘under the soul tree’.” Before Wang
Ning finished speaking, Yin Kuang turned around and rushed out of the cave, heading straight for Flying in the direction of the “Tree of Souls”. Tang Rouyu thought for a while and then followed.
“Damn! What a mess.” Wang Ning muttered, “What the hell is that woman doing?”
Tang Rouyu turned the power of the aircraft to the maximum before catching up with Yin Kuang, and then said through her consciousness: “Yin Kuang, calm down first. Qian Qianqian may not be fine.” Yin Kuang replied: “I’m calm. But I hope to see her soon! I want to know what happened to her.” After saying that, Yin Kuang ignored Tang Rouyu. , continue flying at full speed. Tang Rouyu sighed secretly and could only follow him silently.
Flying at high speed, it only took half an hour to enter the Hallelujah Mountains and get close to the location of the “Tree of Souls”. Passing through the huge stone arch and looking down from the sky, I saw that the crater was not only emitting a soft and fantastic pink light, but also shrouded in a layer of holy white light.
/Yin Kuang flapped his wings vigorously and plunged into the sinkhole.
At a glance, I saw only a figure wearing a holy white cloak. The cloak that exudes a pure white halo is also embroidered with a golden cross. The dazzling gold and holy white complement each other, full of nobility, elegance, and awe-inspiring! In her hand, she held a white wand that was level with the height. A rotating ball of white light hovered at the top of the wand.
Her feet were off the ground and her body was floating in the air. The cloak is open, flowing in the windless air.