not because of Chu Weiyang’s pressure that they did not dare to act more wantonly. Otherwise, Chu Weiyang suspected that all of these people would do it again. Cut off half of it.

Even among those who survived, many were seriously injured, especially what happened to the four people in the ancient cave in the past. Some people’s injuries even touched the source of life and vitality. At this time, their spirits were weak and their energy was weak. Like a hairspring.
This is not a ruthless method, it is just a pure mental madness twisted to the point where cruel methods are used as a way to comfort and pleasure.
The practice in the ancient cave was made by Chu Weiyang himself, who created the characters of these four people that were almost like ghosts and ghosts.
Just looking at them like this, Chu Weiyang seemed to see the four of them, and the figures of the stewards from the Demon Suppressing Cave gradually began to overlap.
Furthermore, Chu Weiyang’s mood became depressed because of the thought of these things, and the evil energy flashed between his brows, making Chu Weiyang look more and more like a devil with the connotation of tyranny in the Yuan Sect.
And seeing Chu Weiyang’s subtle Qi display, the bodies of the prostrate Blood Fiend Dao Cultivators began to tremble, and they became more and more cowered and frightened.
So, Chu Weiyang’s large sleeves and robes flickered in the same place, and in an instant, the Xuanzhen treasure mirror was offered. After just turning around, the treasure mirror shook in Chu Weiyang’s hand, and the mirror light shone on it. Half hanging in the air, it suddenly turned into eighteen rays of light, heading towards the marks between the eyebrows of the evil cultivators in front of them.
eighteen people
While thinking about this, Chu Weiyang suddenly thought of something and hurriedly asked again.
“That one just now,” Chu Weiyang pointed towards the crowd, “He said that all the cultivators of the Blood Demon Dao are hiding in the outer sea. It seems that he mentioned a nearby market?”
/After hearing this, the remaining three people were still looking at each other in disbelief, but Pei Wenli seemed to have been prepared and quickly responded respectfully.
“Island Master, the island city that this person is talking about is not far away from us, but it is near the Baishe Islands.”
Chu Weiyang glanced deeply at Pei Wenli, and casually did not remember the name of the city in his heart. However, the thoughts that had just crossed Chu Weiyang’s mind gradually spread, like weeds from Chu Weiyang. Wild growth grew in Yang’s mind.
Wild fire, in spring.
As he thought about this flash of thought over and over again, Chu Weiyang’s thoughts became clearer and more mature.
So, Chu Weiyang waved to Pei Wenli, signaling him to come closer.
“You are a sober person, so I entrust you with this matter. Go to Nafang City and check out the situation.”
Hearing these words, Pei Wenli’s eyes suddenly became brighter. It seemed as if many thoughts had come to him in a flash of thought. I