chose to miss it, just like Yan Qingcheng today.

Su Nanxiu walked back and saw Liu Changan and Shangguan Dandan already eating roasted sweet potato slices.
“I haven’t made this for a long time, because raw sweet potatoes are quite expensive in supermarkets and wet markets now.” Liu Changan said to Shangguan Dandan. The sweet potato slices brought by Yan Qingcheng also included Sesame seeds, some people will add tangerine peel, or chili peppers, etc. Now some people also add dried meat, but this dried meat contains very little water, otherwise it will not be easy to preserve.
“It will taste better after roasting for a while, but I want to eat meat buns.” Shangguan Dandan tore the soft sweet potato slices in his hand into strips and stuffed them into his mouth.
/Liu Changan looked at her small mouth. Her lips were opening and closing one by one, and she quickly sucked in a whole piece. She was obviously eating very quickly, but it still gave people the impression that she was maintaining an elegant and generous posture. Yes, I really don’t know how she did it.
“Compared to the past, the world has made great progress in terms of food, both in terms of the sophistication of ingredients and the development of cooking methods. For example, the pork we ate back then was not as delicious and tender as it is now.” Liu Changan lamented about human civilization In fact, pigs are a profound trace of the development of human civilization. No other animal has ever provided humans with more industrial raw materials than pigs.
The whole body of the pig, including the hair, fat and bones, has extremely wide industrial value. Sometimes, being a useful person like a pig is really a high compliment.
Everyone should feel sincerely proud when they hear someone praise them for being like a pig.
“Will Zhou Shuling make meat buns for me tonight?” Shangguan Dandan didn’t care about the pork issue and still looked at Liu Changan expectantly with his head tilted.
“How do I know?” Liu Changan continued to eat sweet potato scrapings. The annoying thing about Shangguan Dandan is that she has a question. Before you answer her, she will not be able to listen to what you are saying to her and will always be obsessed with it. this matter.
“The meat buns made by Zhou Shuling are so delicious. She is more useful than your other wives.” Shangguan Dandan rolled up the sweet potato slices and made them into a shape like meat buns, then stuffed them into his mouth bit by bit.
“My girlfriend’s name is An Nuan. If you embrace her, you will feel safe. If you stay with her, you will feel warm. Remember?” Liu Changan pulled Shangguan Dandan away from the stove because someone else was coming to use it.
Shangguan Dandan just continued to think about his own things.
Sun Nanxiu came down from the trestle and was walking under the willow tree when she met Liu Changan and Shangguan Dandan.
/Shangguan Dandan had just stuffed all the sweet potato slices rolled into the shape of meat buns into her mouth. Although her mouth was full of food,