at the final finishing process after the careful thinking process seems to be overridden by the occurrence of this emotion.

Almost just when the reserved smile on Uncle Shang’s face was about to unfold but not yet fully unfolded, the boy’s voice in the carriage continued to sound.
“Well, in that case, can this so-called ‘invincible road’, this so-called beauty of the Heaven-Opening Method, be taught to me? I think to myself, I am still considered a genius, and I have only just entered the elixir for the first time. It’s just the Fetus Realm, and it has not violated the iron law that great monks in the Golden Core Realm cannot approach, so do they have the qualifications to participate in it?”
Hearing these words, Mr. Zong seemed slightly startled, as if a person who was used to bragging had forgotten the most important part of what he said.
So, after a few breaths, the stunned Zong Laowu came back to his senses. He looked at the closed carriage and shook his head.
/“There has never been any precedent for this matter. How can it be decided by a few words?
If you really have this intention, ask yourself, you really want to participate in the battle of the invincible road, and this core idea is firm and will not waver again, Pindao may be able to replace the distinguished guest and compete with Tianyuan Dingsheng. Several Taoist brothers in the area summoned the message. They were responsible for maintaining the joint covenant, so naturally they had the final say.
Moreover, the elixir realm
Even if everything goes well, you still have to wait a while. Last winter, when it was the coldest, the invincible attack of the geniuses of this generation who were at the peak of the foundation-building realm had just begun. Not long after it ended, even though they were all trying to break through the elixir realm, not to mention the subtle intertwining opportunities themselves, it was just the process of consolidating the realm.
The kids are all waiting! ”
/When others are gentle, you have to become intense; when others are calm, your emotions have to become high; when others’ emotions are aroused, you have to be slow and gentle.
Every step, almost every step Mr. Zong took since his appearance, was exactly on the opposite side of Shang Bo and the young man.
But it was precisely this process of intertwining contradictions that taught Uncle Shang and the young man to firmly believe in the blueprint drawn by Elder Zong.
So, finally, a few breaths after Zong Lao’s words fell again, suddenly, the closed door of the carriage carriage was opened at a certain moment.
In the endless darkness and depth, as if from a realm of illusion and silence, a young man slowly walked out.
The fault was not because Uncle Shang was by his side, but it was also because he had “paved the way” and accumulated momentum for so long before he walked out of the carriage. To be honest, he just looked at his figure and appearance like this. The appearance, on the contrary, seems too ordinary.
Like light and dust.
This was probably the only word