sically be late every morning, plus some other time periods, and you will have to be late for class every day. If the reasons are different, it would be a bit difficult for even Liu Changan to achieve this level.

But Zhu Juntang definitely has more than a thousand little skirts, and slowly crafting a way to die seems to be a bit challenging and very interesting.
Of course, the necessary combination is Zhu Juntang’s heart-rending screams and the expression of tears and nose running together, so that it is pleasing to the eye, full of fun, and has the motivation to continue.
Maybe it can change Zhu Juntang’s belief that wearing a beautiful skirt is a fairy, and let her think positively and correctly back to reality. I wonder if one day she will wake up and realize that the days when she was obsessed with small skirts and being a fairy were very stupid. Liu Changan will also be full of gratitude for what he does.
After such thoughts passed, Liu Changan smiled when he faced Qin Yanan.
“I guess that’s probably it.” Qin Yanan was slightly embarrassed. Could this person be more subtle or pretend to be confused? But he definitely didn’t guess that she didn’t have a strong desire in the first place. It was Zhu Juntang who encouraged her not to betray Zhu Juntang.
“Guy Debord said in his famous work “Society of the Spectacle”: In a society where modern production is ubiquitous, life itself appears as a huge accumulation of spectacles, and all direct existence is transformed into an appearance.” Liu Changan thought for a while. I found an answer.
“What do you want to say?” Qin Yanan said without embarrassment that she didn’t understand what he wanted to say at all.
“This means that all women’s beautification events can be regarded as fabricating virtual illusions, or a production process in creating a superficially perfect social system.”
“Be more explicit.”
/Qin Yanan was very impressed, “The simplest everyday phrase can express the meaning, and you linked it to a French director.”
/“If at any moment, only simple everyday phrases are enough, what is the point of human language progress? What is the point of human literary creation? If I don’t say that, how can I appear to be knowledgeable? You want to You know, many creators and critics of literary works like to talk about its great impact and significance. In fact, most of the time, I mean most of the time, these works are just used to enhance the charm of your language.” Liu Changan gave an example, “For example, with the same appearance and figure, a girl who can recite “Gu Wen Guan Zhi” backwards and forwards, and a girl who can only tell you about the plot advancement of “The Domineering President’s Cunning Wife and Cute Baby” .”
The examples Liu Changan gave gave people the feeling that his point of view was indeed correct, but Qin Yanan knew that he was just talking casually.
For example, although Qin Yanan cannot recite “Gu Wen Guan Zhi” from top to bottom, some classics are still very impressive. However, she believes that An Nuan will definite