I prevent you from meeting each other forever, so I feel that yesterday is the time for you to know the truth. I just know There is no way to prevent you from knowing the truth, but I don’t necessarily want you to know the truth. I hope you can understand the difference here, because I don’t want you to misunderstand me.”

Looking at his eyes, Qin Yanan’s scattered eyes finally focused, and the disappointment, anger, and even some emotions of being deceived and betrayed disappeared. She knew that a person could make him feel that he could not be misunderstood by her, so this person would not be misunderstood by her. It must be very, very important
I hope you can understand, and I don’t want you to misunderstand me. Probably the most sincere care he can express is like this. Others may not have that special feeling of caring when they say this, but when it comes from his mouth, even Qin Yanan feels It smells like “pleading”.
/He is the most proud person in the world. He is accustomed to not bowing his head or explaining.
Qin Yanan turned sideways, leaned on his shoulder, and closed her eyes.
She didn’t sleep all night, and she shouldn’t be so tired. However, her emotions and worries, and the ups and downs of her mood, made her energy haggard. In fact, she had more or less experienced the panic process of worrying that she would become another person. After accepting It was not too hard to accept or shocked that she had another person’s identity. What she had always cared about was what Liu Changan’s intentions were.
After receiving his explanation, Qin Yanan relaxed a lot physically and mentally, as long as he didn’t think Qin Yanan was insignificant and desperately wanted her to become another person, thinking that only Ye Sijin was qualified to stay by his side, not Qin Yanan now. It feels much better.
All that’s left is to accept the reality and let him answer his questions.
Qin Yanan still closed her eyes, still leaning on his shoulder, smelling the familiar but extraordinarily intimate atmosphere, feeling at ease as never before.
I wasn’t shy, and I didn’t think about what was there and what wasn’t. I just felt that leaning on this shoulder gave me a sense of dependence and peace of mind.
/“Why does Su Nanxiu hate me so much?” Su Mei can become Su Nanxiu. Qin Yanan is not eager to know the reason why Ye Sijin has become what she is now. She wants to know why the former Ye Sijin is so jealous of Su Nanxiu? This may involve some grudges and grudges that she really cares about.
If Ye Sijin was just a normal sister, how could she be hated by Su Mei with jealousy and emotional resentment? This seemed to be the really important reason at the moment. After all, someone like Su Mei was thinking about her with such resentment that it was like a thorn in the back.
In fact, it is not uncommon for sister-in-law and sister-in-law to have a bad relationship. Nowadays, it is very common for sister-in-law and sister-in-law to complain about each other and even wish each other to die on some social forums.
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