see her at some time tonight.

Jiang Suxin shook her head, touching on the blind spot of knowledge. If Lu Bei wanted to know, he would ask Empress Qianyuan, and maybe he could get some information.
/“Hurry up, it’s best to find out all the information about the Nine Dao Masters.”
Lu Bei glanced at Jiang Suxin, smiled heartily, and then said: “If the empress can recommend a softer Taoist master, I wouldn’t mind leaving Qianyuan to find another job.”
“Is this true?”
“When has this sect master ever told a lie?”
Yes, like the last time.
Huang Xiao slandered, saying that low moral quality is not terrible. What is terrible is being shameless and telling lies with open eyes.
/She is very concerned about the intelligence of the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom. If Tai Su is really the leader of the country, then the Tao Master must be the monster clan he trusts the most.
It’s her father, Feng Yu, who didn’t run away!
Well, not necessarily.
After all, the first generation Demon Emperor, the one who can be above him is more likely to be a vixen.
Lu Bei thought so too. Then he thought about it, Tai Su was not the Taoist Master of the Underworld, and most likely neither was the Abandonment Sutra. Neither of the two invincible men looked down upon the position of the Taoist Master of the Underworld.
In this case, he doesn’t want it anymore!
The one who is invincible for a lifetime should be the benchmark for the one who is invincible for a lifetime. Who is the rank of Huangquan Jiu Dao? How can he be on an equal footing with him?
“That being the case, I happily decided to deliver what this sect leader wants as soon as possible.”
Lu Bei asked for a quiet room in General Zhonglang’s house. Before he said anything, Huang Xiao walked in consciously.
He rubbed his hands to follow, closed the stone door of the quiet room with his backhand, activated the forbidden barrier, and blocked all sounds and breaths.
Close the door and lock it, double build the little phoenix.
The golden-winged roc has undergone obvious changes. With Huang Xiao’s help, the length of its golden tail feathers has reached one-to-one ratio with its torso. With complete Phoenix bloodline, the length of its tail feathers even exceeds its wingspan.
In addition to length, the tail feathers also lack the crucial five elements. This shows that the Golden Winged Roc still has a long way to go.
Lu Bei was known to be impatient and fast in doing things. Several times he couldn’t help but want to return to the human world and bring the little yellow croaker over to practice together.
A two-pronged approach will definitely double the speed!
Obviously this is impossible. Once the little yellow croaker appears, Huang Xiao will definitely go to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons. He would rather become the Demon Queen for Tai Su than stay and feel ashamed.
Nowadays, Huang Xiao is obviously more efficient, so Lu Bei has to choose the best of the two.
Time passed by for half a month. Lu Bei studied hard day and night. With Huang Huang’s understanding