t help but arch their backs!

The golden bridge is pressing on the shoulders of his Yuan Shen. On top of the golden bridge is Xu Ying Yuan Shen, lifting the clouds as if they are flying.
Yunhai struggled hard, but saw the black and yellow Qi surging on both sides of the Golden Bridge, getting heavier and heavier, making it difficult for him to move.
/The sea of ??clouds tried to lift the golden bridge, but was unable to lift it, let alone escape.
Suddenly, the golden bridge slowly faded, and Yunhai was shocked to find that his physical body, soul, and even Taoism were also gradually fading, gradually assimilating with Tao!
“Tai Chi Hua Wu Ji!”
He suddenly realized that this was the process of changing from Tai Chi Supreme Purity to Wuji Supreme Purity.
/The golden bridge just now is the Tai Chi Bridge, so there will be changes in the black and yellow Qi on both sides of the bridge. After the bridge suppresses oneself, the Tai Chi Super Purity changes into the Wuji Super Purity, and even oneself is refined and turns into Wuji Qi. !
Yun Hai was frightened and hurriedly shouted: “Fellow Daoist Xu, please be merciful!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that the golden bridge that suppressed him suddenly dispersed and turned into a golden light that broke through the air and fell into Xu Ying’s fontanel.
The fright in the sea of ??clouds had just subsided, and when I looked at Xu Ying again, I saw that Xu Ying had arrived at the entrance of the Shangqing Great Cave Abyss.
He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and chased after him. When he got there, Xu Ying had already said goodbye to Taoist Yuqing and left Shangqing Great Cave Abyss.
Yunhai came to Taoist Yuqing and said in despair: “Master, I had a competition with him. I originally thought I could let him know the profoundness of the Shangqing Great Cave Scripture, but he taught me a lesson.”
Taoist Yuqing smiled and said: “He unifies the Tai Chi Shang Qing and Wuji Shang Qing from outside. It is reasonable that you are no match for him.”
Yun Hai said: “But, what he uses is heretic, not authentic!”
Taoist Yuqing sighed and said: “Naturally, the heretics are not as good as the authentic ones, but Taoist fellow Taiqing and I have not yet understood the authentic ones.”
Yunhai was speechless and speechless.
Taoist Yuqing threw a Taoist book on jade slips and said: “This is the Taoist book that Taoist friend Xu gave me just now. It records his Taiyi as a Bridge, which unifies Tai Chi Shang Qing and Wuji Shang Qing. Xu Taoist introduced this method to Staying in our Taoist sect is to repay my kindness for giving me two scriptures. The heretics unite the two scriptures, do you want to practice or not?”
Yunhai looked at this jade slip and found it hard to make a decision.
After a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, “Disciple, practice!”
He urged the Taoist scriptures on jade slips and studied it for dozens of days before he fully understood the Taiyi Shenqiao method that he promised, and he was shocked.
Without a profound understan