reak. Guan Yunfeng was shaken so hard that she hit the ground covered with maple leaves.

reak. Guan Yunfeng was shaken so hard that she hit the ground covered with maple leaves.
A mouthful of blood spurted out.
“No, it’s impossible! My ‘axis’, my ‘axis'” Guan Yunfeng was frightened and panicked, and couldn’t even feel the existence of the “axis”, “What did you do to my ‘axis’? What did you do!??”
/Yin Kuang flashed in front of her and looked down at the woman who once called him lord, “Although I didn’t intend to use you in the first place, you didn’t listen to my orders and you actually caused trouble for me. To paraphrase what you just said, Do you think you can be invincible if you condense the ‘axis’? I’m afraid your ‘axis’ was not condensed by yourself, right? But mine was!”
Guan Yunfeng looked up at Yin Kuang in fear, “No matter how powerful you are, you have What’s the use? If you destroy the president’s plan and destroy the great cause of Dongsheng’s rise, the president will definitely not let you go. All Dongsheng students will hate you!”
Yin Kuang said: “The brains of those who pursue reality in an illusory world will definitely There is a problem. This sentence is for you. You can take the Qinglong Sword, I don’t like it. I won’t kill you now, just watch it carefully and see how ridiculous your current behavior is. I hope it will be the truth. When it’s revealed, you won’t have a nervous breakdown because your current behavior is so ridiculous and even digging your own grave.”
As he spoke, Yin Kuang turned the Qinglong Sword upside down, inserted it straight into the ground, and then left slowly. go.
Immediately afterwards, on the way to the library, Yin Kuang encountered obstacles from former members of the Red Leaf Club. There are also several who have fought alongside him, such as Dongfang Yun and Chi Lian who participated in “Pandora”, such as Xin Jingxuan and Luo Qiao who participated in “The Grudge”. There is nothing more depressing than a former comrade-in-arms now facing each other with swords. But Yin Kuang ran over him without hesitation and speeded up at the same time.
He knew that there were so many people blocking him, so something important must have happened in the library. He sighed helplessly, thinking that he had gotten up early enough, but someone still got up earlier than him.
Elsewhere, a dozen former Dongsheng sophomore students gathered together.
“What, you’ve seen it through?” Gao Liang glared at the woman in front of him, “Didn’t you brag that no one would be suspicious even if you became Rosalind? I just asked you to become Qian Qianqian to lure Tang Rouyu out, why were you seen through!?
After being scolded, the woman showed no expression, “I don’t know. Anyway, no matter if I’m crying or making trouble, that bitch won’t open the door. What can I do? Are you still blaming me? But the two of them you mentioned One is a lesbian, and now it seems that they are the real one and the mistress, and the two of them are mortal enemies.”
Master Zhen Xiang on one side said: “Damn it, if you can’t catch Tang Rouyu, you can’t threaten Yin Kuang at a