ing off, she found an excuse for him to get out of the way.

ing off, she found an excuse for him to get out of the way.
/“It’s better to be my own wife!” Qing Shengbin happily walked to the tool room, preparing to follow his wife’s instructions and concentrate on being a gardener.
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In the evening, Liang Ya’s fourth aunt Cheng Wenxuan hosted a banquet at a local restaurant in Shanghai to cleanse her boss and nephew-in-law Wang Bo. In addition to their own family of three, including Wang Bo, Liang Ya, Zhong Jiahui, Zhang Xinyue and Zheng Yan, the other party also invited several of their own brothers and sisters, the eldest brother Cheng Wenhua’s family, the second sister Cheng Wenjing’s family, and the third brother Cheng Wenjie. The family, including her parents, Liang Ya’s grandmother and husband, a group of more than ten or twenty people, asked for a super large round table that could seat 20 people before they all sat down.
The atmosphere during the meal was quite lively. Liang Ya’s uncles, aunts and uncles, especially the three families except her fourth aunt Cheng Wenxuan’s family, were extremely enthusiastic towards her boyfriend. They kept toasting and talking. They argued endlessly about who was going to treat them tomorrow night, until Wang Bo opened his mouth and said that he was going to treat all his uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and grandparents to dinner tomorrow night. After dinner, some of Liang Ya’s friends were already blushing and thick-necked. The relatives then made a truce and kept saying polite words about why he was a guest and why he had the nerve to treat him as a guest. Liang Ya laughed secretly and felt happy and proud at the same time. In her impression, apart from the usual grandma and grandpa, the other relatives in her mother’s family, including her fourth aunt Cheng Wenxuan, who is now very close to her and makes her biological daughter Qing Jingdu jealous from time to time, used to treat her. She and her mother were actually not very close.
/What changed was that two years ago, when the relatives learned that her boyfriend Wang Bo was not only a celebrity, but also worth tens of millions, and bought several houses in Shanghai, how they treated her and her mother. Only then did the attitude change qualitatively.
In the past year or two, as her boyfriend has become more and more famous and valuable, her relatives have become more enthusiastic and affectionate towards her. Liang Ya knows the reason, just look at her fourth aunt. Her fourth aunt started helping her boyfriend two years ago. Ever since she got her boyfriend, the life of the fourth aunt’s family has been the same every year. Not only did she drive a car, but from time to time the family could go to the large Republican villa in Hongkou// district for vacation. This made the other family members envious and jealous, extremely jealou