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At the same time, beside Chu Weiyang, the magic sword was suspended. The blade of the sword followed the rotation of the lone boat, but was always pointed in the direction of the island.
On the sword, which was intertwined with bright yellow and silver colors, auras of light were swirling around.
After watching like this for a long time, Chu Weiyang’s clear and beautiful voice came out of Chu Weiyang’s mind.
“It’s true what Mo Daozhong said. There is no one on the island, and the restrictions imposed are exactly what he said.”
At the same time, Chu Weiyang slowly put down the jade slip stuck between his eyebrows, as if he had completely completed the verification.
/“Yes, this is Lingfu Island.”
When he finished speaking, Chu Weiyang took up the seal again, and a dim spiritual light circled the boat, and then like a sharp arrow, it cut through the waves and sped towards Lingfu Island.
When the boat was circling earlier, Chu Weiyang had already taken a rough look at the island. Speaking of it, the island was not that big, and was about 30% smaller than the island where the Xie family’s sages had previously lived in seclusion.
Just because there are no hills and hills, the terrain on the island is flat and wider.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang looked for a lower direction. When the lone boat stopped on the beach, Chu Weiyang jumped forward and was already standing on the dry shore.
He lightly stamped his feet. Under a layer of hard soil, there was a stubborn rock that looked like black iron.
After walking a few steps forward, Chu Weiyang suddenly stopped again.
With a wave of his hand, the jade fire appeared and flew towards the open space in front of him.
Suddenly, the layers of spiritual light condensed into a restriction, only blocking the white swan fire phase within a few inches.
I didn’t think I had to use magic flames to compete with a restriction.
With a wave of his hand, Chu Weiyang directly dispersed the jade fire. When he raised his hand, the powerful mana wrapped it and taught Chu Weiyang to hold the restriction in his hand.
In this way, when he got closer and took a closer look, even Chu Weiyang raised his eyebrows, seeming a little surprised.
In his mind, Chun Yuzhi’s stern rebuttal voice could already be heard.
“Crude! Very crude! How dare you do things like robbing families and homes in the sea using such methods?”
Chunyu Zhiduan seemed to have seen something unsightly.
Not to mention someone like her who once had a high level of cultivation, Chu Weiyang, who had only cultivated two Talisman Taoist books, was just looking at the ban in his hand and had already seen the seal pattern. disharmony between.
Those who use shoddy methods are like casual cultivators who have no legal inheritance.
In this way, Chu Weiyang watched the time for several breaths again. Suddenly, he raised his other hand and flicked a certain point on the chain that was transformed into a ban.
The spiritual light turned into debris and flew away.
For a moment, the originally strong spi