m the mountain, and you should have taught her to deceive me!”

“She is my direct disciple!”
“Grandma used a secret method to suppress her true soul on your spiritual platform. Before that ray of true soul flew away, she was here to protect you!”
“If her departure goes smoothly, she may still have a remnant of her soul to return to the mountain gate. If she encounters more accidents,”
“This is the price for your mistakes!”
At the end of the conversation, Chun Yuhuai’s eyes were red, and he looked at the Danxia Mirror Wheel in disbelief.
In the layered haze of rays of light, a little bit of spiritual light condensed in the palm of Danxia’s old mother’s virtual face. In the faint ray of dark spiritual light, it seemed that a shrill wail could be heard flashing away.
/The voice made Chunyu Huai tremble and become speechless.
In the same place, there was almost no smile on Danxia’s mother’s face.
She turned her head and looked in the direction of the river mouth, as if she was looking at Taoist Qinghai from afar.
Immediately afterwards, the old mother raised her hand, pinched the wandering soul of the true spirit, held it with the Dharma seal, and pressed it straight into the center of Chun Yuhuai’s eyebrows.
The young man’s eyes became darker over time.
He was clearly still frozen in place, but Danxia’s mother looked like she was looking at someone else.
“Do it well, and once things are done, grandma can still give you a way to survive.”
On the outskirts of Lingqiu Mountain, among the lush sea of ??trees, as the sky gradually darkened, and amid the steaming mist all around, Xie Jiang and Jin Guan looked intently, as if they had glimpsed the vastness of the world for the first time.
Jin Guan, in particular, raised his eyebrows. Even the ordinary herbs around him seemed to be a little more novel in his eyes.
Is this the world in Henan? Is this the boundless wilderness where demon cultivators and rogue cultivators are rumored to be raging?
As soon as I thought about this, the fragrance of grass and earth almost contained the pungent and fishy smell of the devil’s breath.
But just when Jin Guan was becoming more and more relaxed and happy, Xie Jiang on the side pulled out his sword and laid it in front of him.
Turning over his other hand, Xie Jiang solemnly held a palm-sized sword-shaped jade talisman on his fingertips.
The sword talisman is carved with dragon patterns and phoenix seals, and the precious light is looming.
With just one glance, Jin Guan’s eyes almost dropped.
“This! Senior sister!”
“This belongs to Uncle Qingquan”
“Why did you bring this out!”
Hearing this, Xie Jiang gave Jin Guan a hard look and stopped his exclamation.
/“If Master hadn’t entrusted me with this object, how could I sense the sword’s intention in the vast sea of ??trees and find that spiritual object?”
“Does all the hard work on your body bear fruit?”
When he finished speaking, Xie Jiangqing held up the sword talisman and gently tapped it on the body of his long sword.
For a time, the sound of swords echoed continuou