when Taoism reached its peak, it completed its complete transformation.

That is the feeling of truly standing on the cliff bank and seeing the great abyss.
If you take a step back, you will not be able to see the whole picture, and if you take a step further, you will be buried in the abyss.
When one law changes, all laws will follow suit.
The next moment, with the sound of Chu Weiyang’s longer and softer breathing becoming more and more obvious, as the true patterns intertwined with these talismans and seal patterns gradually emerged in his mind and inner world, they began to melt into the Tao body itself. One body, completely inseparable from each other.
Tao and Dharma are in harmony.
Together with it, Chu Weiyang’s majestic Qi, his exuberance and supreme aura, all of them are smelting with each other, and are hidden in the formless form.
When he looked again, Chu Weiyang was standing there quietly. No one could really sense Chu Weiyang’s cultivation except for the faint halo hanging behind his head. Aura to determine Chu Weiyang’s cultivation level.
After washing away the lead, Chu Weiyang returned to his original state at the peak of his powers.
At the next moment, Chu Weiyang’s thoughts suddenly moved. Immediately, the halo itself that was shining behind Chu Weiyang’s head also disappeared in the flow of virtual and real spiritual light. .
It’s not some kind of cover-up.
But at this moment, Tao and Dharma have been smelted into the true form of Chu Weiyang’s Tao body. Chu Weiyang is the result, and the result is his person.
Precisely because of this, at this moment, the halo reflecting the merit itself blended with Chu Weiyang’s figure, choosing another way of presentation.
Chu Weiyang is the halo, and the halo is the person!
Wonderful in form and spirit! All Taoism and Dharma are wonderful!
/So, when he looked again, Chu Weiyang was completely the same as the light. When he looked, except for the robe of the universe and the figure standing in the sky, there was no trace of a monk in him. He seemed to be just a pure He is just one person, standing there, indistinguishable from all the phenomena in the world.
And it was at this time that Xu was touched by his harmonious power.
It’s rare, I haven’t had such a feeling in an unknown amount of time.
/The strong feeling of hunger emerged from Chu Weiyang’s mind and emotions!
But Chu Weiyang understood that this was no longer some kind of negative feedback when he practiced the “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence” in the past. He had embarked on the “true form” of the Tao diagram. The “vibration” of the body will naturally turn into the “desire” of the transformed god.
It wasn’t Chu Weiyang’s Taoist body that was “hungry”, but Chu Weiyang’s Taoist power.
There is no way back, no way forward!
He is eagerly awaiting the foundation of this existence!
Therefore, at the moment when such thoughts occurred, in the distant sky, the slow bright light circled and shone in front of Chu Weiyang.
The light itself was dimmed.
When he looked again, as expected