t three Dao Fruit Demon Pills, which appeared in the young scholar’s eyes.

A Dao Fruit Demonic Pill showed a clear aura of celestial light. Vaguely, the young scholar could see the fleeting aura of the Demonic Pill, revealing the hazy virtual appearance of the great demon when he was alive. When he looked carefully, it was the young scholar. A known monster that feeds on the Tatsuto iron ore on the seabed.
Come to think of it, these are probably the consumables that Uncle Shang prepared for himself to return to the true path, which is the path of the stars.
Among the other Dao Fruits is the Water Element, which is the most common in the outer sea. It was just that Uncle Shang made a move, perhaps to show that he was extraordinary and to show his sincerity. The water element showed a dark color, and it was clearly one element. Heavy water is one of the supreme Taoist methods of water.
But in this case, the young scholar also made ordinary things and just glanced at them.
The last Dao Fruit Demonic Pill revealed the majestic aura of the earth’s lungs and fire veins. The crimson aura was swirling around, followed by the afterglow that seemed like black smoke. But maybe this place where the great demon was raised and trained was not just about the earth. The Lung Fire Veins, in particular, have some mineral veins that contain the True Fire of the Sun, making them look like monster caves. When you look closely, you can see a hint of pure yellow in the crimson red.
The young scholar glanced at the Dao Fruit Demonic Pill steadily, then spoke again, seemingly casually asking.
“Which Dao Fruit Demonic Pill are you planning to use, Uncle Shang, as the consumables for returning to the True Dao Seed?”
When he heard this, Shang Bo paused for a moment and finally stopped answering the young scholar’s questions.
He gently weighed the Dao Fruit Demonic Pills in his hand, and as he slowly put them away one by one, a thoughtful smile appeared on his face.
/“Young Master, it seems that you have something to teach me? Don’t talk in circles, Young Master, just tell me!”
Hearing this, the expression on the young scholar’s face disappeared. When he was about to speak, the young scholar finally spoke.
“If my guess is correct, I’m afraid that the demon pill containing the true fire of the sun is the consumable that Uncle Shang is preparing to make the path to return to truth?”
When he heard this, Uncle Shang still did not respond yes or no.
“Oh? Master, why do you think so? My Taoism is about the stars in the sky!”
“But the true inheritance of my Lu family is to use the True Yang of the Great Sun to control the stars in the sky! It is the Supreme Golden Crow Immortal Way!”
When the words fell, Uncle Shang stopped laughing, but he also stopped talking.
Seeing the change in Uncle Shang’s expression, the young scholar’s voice sounded slightly urgent and he spoke.
/“I’d better call you Uncle Shang. Since when did you start avoiding me, intentionally or unintentionally?”
Uncle Shang lowered his head and did not answer.
“When did