He ran up the stairs.

He ran up the stairs.
Wang Bo was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t react until Zheng Yan turned around and ran away.
“Wow!” Wang Bo screamed strangely, with a look of ecstasy on his face. He pulled out the car keys and jumped directly into the rain.
Wang Bo jumped into the rain and did not run away like a dog. Instead, he stood in the pouring rain for more than ten or twenty seconds. Until he felt like Zheng Yan, he was soaked in water, and then he couldn’t wait to follow the girl. He climbed up the steps with a “clop-ceng-ceng” pace.
/A minute later, Wang Bo appeared at Zheng Yan’s home, all wet with water.
“These are my dad’s shirt and trousers. You can wear them for now.” Zheng Yan walked out of her parents’ bedroom, holding a white shirt and gray trousers in her arms.
“Okay, Yanzi.” Wang Bo said with a smile, “Where should I change?”
“You go to my bedroom.” The girl whispered, tilting her head to one side. Wang Bo noticed that even though the rain was biting and cold on her body, it could not stop the blood-like red from spreading on the girl’s fair face.
Wang Bo carried her father’s clothes that Zheng Yan handed him and entered the girl’s bedroom. He gently closed the door, wiped off the wet clothes with three strokes, and wiped out Zheng Yan’s father’s clothes. Put your shirt and trousers on yourself. Both shirts and pants are a bit too small, and now Wang Bo has serious mysophobia and is not used to wearing same-sex clothes. But at this moment, the situation is special and he can’t care so much.
“I’ve changed, Yanzi. You should change quickly, so you don’t catch a cold.” Two minutes later, Wang Bo went out, returned to the living room, and said to Zheng Yan.
“Yeah.” The girl smiled, nodded, and returned to her bedroom. Wang Bo thought that the other party was going to change clothes. When he saw that Zheng Yan had not closed the door, he turned around subconsciously, not wanting Zheng Yan to come out soon. He twisted the clothes and pants he had just thrown on the ground in his hands and walked towards the living balcony at the end of the kitchen. He said, “I’ll wash your wet clothes first. Don’t worry, the fully automatic washing machine will be fast.”
Wang Bo, who was staying in the living room, was a little bored, so he walked to Zheng Yan’s bedroom and sat down directly by the bed. Zheng Yan’s room didn’t have too many flashy things that are found in ordinary girls’ bedrooms, and the colors were not colorful. It was generally simple and elegant, but it was filled with a refreshing fragrance, which was similar to the girl he had recently brought to her. The smell is the same when I put my coat on my head.
“I really want to sleep here all night!” Wang Bo raised his hands above his head, stretched, and fell directly onto the bed covered with plaid sheets.
A few minutes later, Zheng Yan came back, returned to her room, and closed the door. When she turned around and looked up, about to unbutton her shirt, she was obviously stunned when she saw Wang Bo staying in her bedroo