er and used all kinds of methods to suppress Mu Lichen.

Although these two people are greedy, they want to be promising and ambitious.
/Lu Bei is not like that. What he is greedy for is not cultivation resources, but pure secular currency.
The conversion rate of secular currency into spiritual resources is not high. It is a subordinate exchange for superiors. The buyer is not qualified to bargain. Monks with strong means would rather rob and dig up tombs than run secular businesses.
Jing Ji couldn’t understand this anyway, and felt that Lu Bei had some misunderstandings about the word “wealth” in “The Land of the Dharma and Wealth Couple”.
Regarding Lu Bei, Jing Ji discussed with several other elders of Tianjian Sect.
The meeting concluded that this person is capable.
He is greedy for money, lustful, self-righteous, and has weaknesses all over his body. He is a scum in the spiritual world that is easily controlled.
The only bad thing is that he is too greedy. From Huangji Sect to Xuanyin Division, including Tianjian Sect, he will be loyal to whoever gives him more benefits.
The standard is that if you have breasts, you are a mother, but what the hell is your face.
Don’t feed this kind of food too much at one time. Give it in portions to whet his appetite.
But be careful not to starve him. Feed him a few mouthfuls from time to time to avoid starving him.
“Look what I’m doing. It’s natural to pay back debts. I didn’t ask you for interest. It’s for the sake of our friendship.”
Lu Bei stretched out his empty hands and waved his sleeves to show that he was extremely poor. He was so poor that he only had sixty taels of silver notes left.
“My dear nephew, don’t talk nonsense. There is a celebrity on Mei Wangsu’s wanted list. You deceived your master and destroyed your ancestors. You deserve a reward. You have no debt relationship with Jing. Also, the reward was paid by the head of Lin. You Lingxiao Sword The sect has many talents, each one more filial than the last, but the Tianjian Sect is far inferior.”
Jing Ji sighed to himself and quickly took out a Qiankun bag and stuffed it into Lu Bei’s hand.
If Lu Bei Shizi opened his mouth and asked for a large amount of cultivation resources like Lin Buyan, the two of them would definitely have a good fight. As for money, he didn’t want to waste his money. He had prepared a small goal before coming. Lu Bei didn’t mention it before, so he just pretended to be stupid.
You can’t be too proactive in life. This is Jing Ji’s life experience. He has traveled around the world for many years and has never seen any scene. Passive people have always had enough to eat, and active people have been injured all over.
“Headmaster Lin is bleeding money!”
Lu Bei opened the Qiankun bag and confirmed that the amount was a small target. He raised his brows and said sarcastically: “Having been the boss for more than a hundred years, this bitch must be very greedy. If one day we pull him down, we must tell the truth and expose it in public.” Show his true colors as a hypocrite.”