is father, and Popovich will call him kid.

is father, and Popovich will call him kid.
And he made a rare promise.
“I didn’t guard DeYoung. I will try my best to guard him
after the game.” Before Popovich could speak again, Ginobili took the initiative and said.
“No, it’s my responsibility.”
Then came Parker, Bowen,
and other Spurs players who all stepped forward to take responsibility.
Popovich’s words had an unexpected effect.
After the heavy defeat, the Spurs’ morale reached its highest point since the series.
Popovich nodded, seeing what he wanted to see.
Sima’s words actually indicate that he has always understood the way of people’s hearts.
Of course, only those in the locker room know what happened after the Spurs game.
After a big win on the road and regaining the home court advantage, Mavericks fans can’t wait to start the next game.
After all, the Spurs seemed helpless against the Mavericks’ isolation tactics.
It is no exaggeration to say that even if you let Auerbach come now, he will not be able to reverse the situation.
Because the Mavericks’ style of play is too overwhelming for the Spurs, it may only be a matter of time before the latter is eliminated.
In the previous series, the Wizards had already rewritten the big score to 2-1.
Yao Ming’s strength, coupled with the team’s overall strength, allowed the Wizards to take the initiative in the series.
At the end of the first half, the Wizards led the Nets by 10 points 48 to 38.
But in the second half, the game took a sudden turn.
That change is not in ability, but in momentum.
On the defensive end, the Nets players engaged in various physical fights and crazy defense, or mad dog-style defense.
In this era, referees have relatively loose standards for calling confrontations, which also allows the Nets to use this kind of defense to frequently launch defensive counterattacks.
As a result, the Wizards only scored 35 points in the second half, but the Nets relied on defensive counterattacks to score 46 points!
No more, no less, in the end the Nets beat the Wizards by just 1 point, 84-83.
After the Nets won this game, the two sides tied with a big score of 2-2!
The game of bo7 became bo3, and both sides returned to the same starting line.
Who can advance in the end is full of suspense.
League commissioner David Stern was also present for the game.
While the fans were celebrating the Nets’ bloody battle, he was frowning in thought.
The enjoyment of such a game is too low.
Especially for outside players, all kinds of elbow supports look very brutal and rough.
If the game continues to be played in this way, it will become difficult for the NBA to promote it globally.
He has to gradually make the game more civilized, and first he has to standardize the defense of outside players.
He was already brewing a plan in his mind, but it would definitely take some time.
/Of course, no matter what he does, it will be next season, or even later.
The Mavericks continued the singles tactics from the previous game, and the Spurs still had n