In this regard, Baron Redman is not stingy. As for the miserable equipment of ordinary soldiers, Hudson is more willing to believe that it is powerless.
The main war came so suddenly. If intelligence had been received from the beginning, with the productivity of the territory, one hundred and eighty weapons would have been produced in a hurry.
Time flies, and the three-day deadline flies by. Riding a tall horse, wearing bright armor, carrying a knight’s sword, and under the welcome of everyone, Hudson set off with five hundred “well-trained” soldiers.
The momentum of “vigorous and high-spirited” did not last long after all. Not long after leaving his own territory, the originally neat team became scattered, making Hudson furious.
The two days of emotional training were just lonely. The so-called well-trained skills are only for the elders in the hometown to see, and their true colors are revealed as soon as they come out.
As a last resort, Hudson had no choice but to slow down his march. The original plan was to travel sixty miles a day, but was forced to reduce it to forty miles.
You must know that this is a small troop marching, carrying only a dozen kilograms of dry food with them, and there is no heavy logistical material burden.
This kind of speed is simply a turtle speed. Forget it, no more insulting the turtle. The turtle that became a monster was much faster than this.
As soon as the speed slowed down, the situation immediately improved a lot. Although we can’t expect to be neat and tidy, at least we still have a basic queue, so we won’t run around in random directions.
/Without even thinking about it, Hudson knew that the officer he temporarily appointed was unqualified and failed to lead the soldiers below him well.
But there is no way. These days, the officers with some ability are basically nobles. How can he command them?
As for recruiting wandering knights to serve as officers, it’s better to just go to sleep, everything will happen in your dreams. The few resources of the barony are not enough for my own brothers. How can I afford to raise knights?
In a sense, one can evaluate the strength of a noble by looking at the number of knights under his command.
Basically speaking, anyone who can support a dozen knights can be considered a middle-class noble. And if you want to step into the threshold of a great noble, you must have at least a few hundred knights under your command.
Of course, this is just Hudson’s personal subjective judgment and is not representative. If you want to become a great noble, these are definitely not enough, otherwise the great nobles will be too cheap.
Take the Koslow family as an example. With their strong fertility, they have spread their branches everywhere. Now the total number of knights scattered all over the country is estimated to be hundreds.
/However, because their territory is too scattered and their power cannot be concentrated, the Koslow family can still only be regarded as a minor noble.
It was just because of his prosperity that he could