ho was running away in panic!

“Hey!” A cry like a dragon’s roar resounded through the grassland. Liu Changan got down on all fours, bent down and jumped, then turned into a dragon and a sheep, and ran towards the fairy. If he were to play like a sheep in front of you, then… Let you see the real arrival of dragon and sheep!
Zhu Juntang is running away in panic. She is very scared because she still wants to play. Once caught, Liu Changan will definitely force her to study!
But she didn’t expect that Liu Changan was like a madman, throwing clothes and running around in front of countless men, women, old sheep and lambs in the vast prairie, and then he also turned into a sheep.
Zhu Juntang dug a few holes in the grass with his fluffy hooves. He steadied himself and froze in place, looking straight at the sheep Liu Changan had turned into.
I didn’t expect that the “Adventures of the Fairy Sheep in Chang’an” that he once ordered to be produced would be so prescient, and he could really turn into a sheep!
This sheep Chang’an has a body shape between an ordinary goat and an African eland. The hair on its body is as elegant and elegant as the snow-white hair of Zhu Juntang, but there is also a faint golden color shining through it. It holds its head forward and is broad-minded and majestic. Xuanyang.
/The most eye-catching thing is its horns, which are a kind of purple that is made of gemstones. That kind of purple shines with blue-purple light between the mountains and grassland scenery. The light from the two horns is intertwined, as if there is electric light. flash.
Yang Changan lowered his head and looked over, but there was no trace of the docility and harmlessness of herbivores, more like ferocious wild beasts.
It is not big in size, but its momentum is like rolling cloud waves, covering the entire mountain grassland, making all living creatures tremble and feel that the most primitive king of life has arrived here.
Zhu Juntang screamed in surprise, then ran around in a circle on the grassland, bleating, and led the scattered sheep around.
Thousands of sheep were called over by Zhu Juntang, surrounding Liu Changan from all directions, forming an open space of about twenty or thirty meters around him.
Zhu Juntang stood in the open space, barked at the surrounding sheep, and then stared blankly at Liu Changan with the other sheep.
Liu Changan was stunned for a moment. It was the first time that he was surrounded by so many dumb sheep, but he could understand what Zhu Juntang was calling: Baa ah baa, did you see it? This is my boss, he is the big fairy sheep, and I am the little one. Fairy sheep!
Liu Changan raised his hoof, a little annoyed. He had transformed to scare Zhu Juntang, but instead she came to watch him with a group of sheep!
Do you want to save her some face in front of her sheep subordinates? As soon as this idea came up, Liu Changan killed it.
He raised his two front hooves, and the whole sheep stood up, looking up to the sky and shouting: “Hey!”
A violent momentum surged out, an