ght of taking advantage of the ‘plague’ attack to put some crimes on David’s head, or at least to control David.

As long as David is controlled, he has plenty of opportunities to deal with David.
“Two bishops, I think you all know that I grew up in the Interstellar Federation, and I have signed an agreement with the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation to use the Interstellar Federation’s technological items!” David turned to the two bishops and said.
Bishop Bolin and Bishop Evans both nodded. This agreement, which was originally unknown, became more and more special as the identity of the person making the agreement continued to improve.
Even the two major temples had heard about the extensive use of Interstellar Federation technology on Garmi. However, because Duke Arthur’s use of Interstellar Federation technology was authorized, the temples had no intention of intervening.
“Whenever I encounter some trouble, I will turn on the video camera function of the Interstellar Federation. Please watch the next video!” David said with a smile.
He waved his hand, and a light curtain appeared from the top of the conference room.
The expressions of Speaker Abe and Lord Imos changed. They had held meetings with other fifth-level Templars in this conference room before, and they did not check that this function existed.
In other words, their previous meeting may have been recorded by Duke Arthur using Interstellar Federation technology, which is tangible evidence.
Just as they were thinking about it, the figure of the diplomatic “Starship” appeared on the light screen, and then six Templar Knights wrapped in fifth-level knight armor appeared. The video continued until the six fifth-level Templar Knights Kill everyone in the diplomatic ‘Starship’.
This video was recorded by the small surveillance equipment left by David. The small surveillance equipment was small and had no energy fluctuations, so it would not attract the attention of the six fifth-level Templars.
There are a lot of rubble-like materials like this in space, especially in that chaotic place, where there are often various debris floating in space.
/David was also trying to see if he could film the attack. Anyway, the cost was extremely low, and he didn’t expect it to be successful.
“Duke Arthur, these Templars could be anyone. How do you think there are Templars from my Mather family among them?” After seeing the video, Lord Amos lost his cool and asked directly.
Bishop Boling and Bishop Evans were suppressing their anger. These two top noble lords did not take the temple into their eyes at all, but they were still investigating, so they could only put this matter in their hearts for the time being.
“Lord Amos, you are too anxious, keep looking down.” David shook his head and said.
The video on the light screen was not over yet. The camera turned to appear in a ‘starry sky spaceship’, with six fifth-level Templar knights sitting in the main cabin.
A fifth-level Templar called out the name of McPhee’s fifth-level Templar, and McPhee’s fifth-