the most low-level super server requires a room of tens of square meters to store it, which is not something ordinary people can operate, let alone barbarians from the divine world.

“I want to bring the super server back to the divine world!” David replied.
/“Duke Arthur, you have to know that we will not install it in God’s World!” General Manager Cushing reminded, somewhat dumbfounded.
“No installation required, I need a powerful enough super server!” David waved.
General Manager Cushing looked at McCracken. He thought Duke Arthur didn’t understand anything, but McCracken should know what a super server was. It couldn’t be installed and used without professionals.
It’s just that General Manager Cushing didn’t know that when it comes to understanding of super servers, McCracken is extraordinary in front of David, not even at the kindergarten level.
“Duke Arthur, please take a look at these super servers. They all have corresponding parameters!” Seeing McCracken’s extraordinary unresponsiveness, General Manager Cushing opened the light curtain in the meeting room and recorded all the super server data. Called out and said.
David looked at the light screen. To be honest, Tianchuang Data has a full range of super servers. Even one of the top super servers has reached the level of a top research laboratory.
He purchased the super server just for the construction of Jiamixing.
Currently, Garmistar is still in the preliminary construction stage, and the server is enough for intelligent system use. However, as the construction of Garmistar progresses, more detailed and complex work will sooner or later make the server unable to support it.
The server is one of the equipment that the research station cannot produce. The research station lacks the core drawings and material formulas.
If he hadn’t come to the Interstellar Federation this time, he would have planned to switch Garmis to manual management mode when the server was not enough.
However, manual management will waste a lot of time, slow down the development speed, and require a large number of professional talents, which David lacks.
“Just this one!” David said as he casually ordered the top-notch super server like choosing vegetables at a market.
Perhaps in the extraordinary eyes of General Manager Cushing and McCracken, his choice was arbitrary, but the computing power of David’s brain was not comparable to those of the two. David could clearly understand this super machine with just a glance. Server details.
“Duke Arthur, we have a display machine for this super server on the eleventh floor. Please come with me to visit it!” General Manager Cushing looked at the super server with a quotation of up to 2 billion, without any excitement in his heart. requested.
Although selling such a super server is enough to bring huge benefits to Tianchuang Data, if the two billion super servers become scraps, the possible subsequent troubles will also cause Tianchuang Data a headache.
If it is a server worth tens of millions, given the identity of Duke Arthur, if