n, and this time he was lucky. The ball bounced on the rim twice and then went in.

n, and this time he was lucky. The ball bounced on the rim twice and then went in.
12 to 6!
The Lakers have begun to have a tendency to open up the score.
O’Neal scored 7 points.
Looking back now, what Sun Hao said about the Pacific Ocean to O’Neal couldn’t be more true.
The Wizards’ frontcourt offense failed to score again.
O’Neal grabbed a defensive rebound, and this time it was the Lakers’ turn to launch a defensive counterattack.
Sun Hao received a long pass from O’Neal from the backcourt, strode to the frontcourt, rose into the air and smashed the ball into the basket with a one-handed dunk.
Sorry, I’m actually a dunker!
Sun Hao scored his first point for the Lakers in an unexpected way!
There were whistles everywhere.
Everything that happened in tonight’s game was beyond their expectations.
Van Gundy, called a timeout!
In this period of the Lakers, Sun Shark teamed up to completely open the score.
The fans at the scene kept whistling.
Before the game, they were expecting Sun Hao to score points like Kobe.
As a result, Sun Hao started his Lakers career in an unexpected way.
Although it is a bit unexpected, the effect is also unexpectedly ideal.
When O’Neal came off the court, he couldn’t help but touched Sun Hao’s head, and then smiled and held him in his arms.
Sun Hao’s face was filled with questions.
Are you possessed by the spirit of the San Antonio team?
/However, he didn’t say anything because he could feel that O’Neal was really happy.
Maybe, that feeling is not even something ordinary people can experience.
You must know that in the past two years, his average number of shots per game has dropped again and again, and last season was the most obvious.
No, more accurately it should be the top two centers in history.
It felt like abstinence, and the feeling of sudden release was beyond words.
O’Neal is in that state now.
However, it would be a bit too optimistic to think that the Wizards can be defeated that easily.
After returning from the timeout, Van Gundy began to provide Yao Ming’s high-position support again.
Van Gundy, like Larry Brown, is also a head coach who emphasizes defense and light offense.
His offensive tactics are relatively simple.
But sometimes simplicity works.
Yao Ming responded by passing the ball to McGrady, who was cutting in. McGrady caught the ball and forced Howard to defend, and then passed the ball to LaFrentz in the corner, who hit a three-pointer.
It was a very simple combination of support and passing and cutting, but it was successful in the end.
14 to 9.
The Wizards clung to the score.
Sun Hao continued to pass the ball to O’Neal, and LaFrentz recovered it significantly faster than before.
O’Neal passed the ball to Howard, but unfortunately the latter failed to hit this shot.
Yao Ming protected the defensive rebound, and the Wizards launched another defensive counterattack. This time McGrady took the lead, receiving Yao Ming’s pass and rushing to the frontcourt.
In the fans’ open mouths, McGrady ros