ted to the divine world transmission network through the small portal to transmit information. This is similar to many contact circles. Although it is not complicated, it is very effective.

David believed that even the Mather family would not throw away the small portal at will and would reuse it. Then he would be able to face Lord Amos!
After doing all this, he re-controlled the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ and prepared to return to the main city and leave Erluo Star.
Just as David was approaching the main city of Erluo, his eyes were looking at a figure in the distance. The figure was flying rapidly in the air, like a ghost in the dark night.
The figure’s aura is extremely obscure. The fourth level of strength is not a Sky Knight, so its identity is self-evident.
Nothing happened at this time, so David became interested for a moment when he saw the fourth-level evil god believer.
He had long heard that Erluo Planet was extremely complicated. There were a large number of followers of the evil god here, and the temple did not care about Erluo Planet for some reason.
/There is not even a temple belonging to the five gods on Erluo Planet, which is extremely rare for public planets.
In normal times, David, a fourth-level evil god believer, would be too lazy to waste time, but he came out today and gained nothing. He was also prepared to see how rampant the evil god believers in Erluo Planet were.
Silently, he kept up with the fourth-level evil god believers. These fourth-level evil god believers had obviously just returned from using a planet-level portal.
/At this time, David also understood why he teleported invisibly. Although he had the power of a member of the Supreme Council to hide his name, the light of teleportation could not be hidden, but the teleportation staff turned a blind eye.
The planet-level teleportation gates of Erlue Planet often have people with secret identities teleporting. Of course, the teleportation staff will not be strict. There are so many followers of the evil god here. If you are too strict, your life may be in danger.
David followed the fourth-level evil god believer to a town one hundred kilometers outside the main city, where the fourth-level evil god believer changed to a dilapidated ‘starry sky spaceship’.
If it weren’t for the patterns drawn on it, he wouldn’t have believed it was a ‘starry sky spaceship’.
The dilapidated hull has been repaired many times, and it is obvious that the level of the repairers is very average. This ‘starry sky spaceship’ cannot fly at high speed in space. Once it enters ultra-high speed, this dilapidated hull will directly collapse.
But as a believer of the evil god, it would be nice to have a ‘starry sky flying boat’.
The fourth-level evil god believers drove the ‘Starry Sky Aircraft’ straight into the sky. The flying ability of the ‘Shadow Pterosaur’ could easily keep up with long-distance or short-distance flights as long as the ‘Starry Sky Aircraft’ was not used.
David also didn’t believe that this dilapidated “Starry Sky Spaceship” could fl